Working place turns into a paradise when you have a lenient and harmless boss but it doesn’t happen all the time that wherever you happen to work you will have a kind soul in a form of boss and you would definitely need to look for ways to deal with your boss if he is too difficult to handle. There are very few people who make us feel esteemed and respected.

It is matter if big blow for those who by hard luck get a boss who is not less than a tough-nut and treats his employee as a punching bag and you begin thinking what to do when you hate your boss.

List of Solutions  and Ways to Deal with your Boss

The problem arises when you feel that boss you hate has anger management problems and you get into a tussle as how to survive in this scenario.

1. Observe your boss first if he is really Bad

Well at the very out-set before labeling your boss as a “bad boss” you must give it a thought is your boss really big bully or it’s just your obsession? Make a list of solid reasons why you are finding him horrible. And now answer these questions in your fancy.


2. Pinpoint Your Boss’ Motivation and inspirations

Determine the reasons of his management style by seeking what are those elements whom he gives and wants to give preference. Are you deviating from these preferences? Try not to deviate what he can’t afford to do so and secondly silently and keenly observe how your boss is with his other employees. if he is the same as he is to you so just focus on what he wants and get those targets done perfectly as such apprehensions please the boss a lot. Sometimes your boss is expecting way too much from you that leads you to start hating him.


3. Put Yourself in your his Shoes

Now this is something very helpful for you if you will start looking at the things from his place from his viewpoints then you will be able to understand at the broader scale such as being a boss is not a kid’s stuff you are under lots of pressure as you have to manage multiple tasks and have to meet up with several colleagues and employees, so what level of leniency you would expect to have after keeping yourself at his place? Is there some point you can bend a bit more initially for winning his trust or for making a good will? Think about it and find the reasonable answer.


4. Endorse your Boss

You should ever say anything negative about your boss with anyone in your work place; keeping in mind the politics that runs in offices/companies either remain quiet or never show your disapproval towards your boss in public. Rather adopt a rational approach and do respect his authority.

If you really happen to see some grave issues regarding your boss such as harassment or any interpersonal issues then you better communicate to HR.


5. Display Self-Sufficiency

After earning your boss’s conviction the second step you need to take is to show your full confidence by asking for decision making powers. Show that you are eager to lessen his burden by doing or finishing the task or project by your own? It will impress him a lot and he will free calm and relaxed as his work and responsibility will be carried out by you. That will be the spur of the moment to win his heart.


6. Get a load of that “What Kind of a Person your Boss is?”

You must seek what your boss is besides being bossy what kind of a person he is. You can get the chance of looking deep into him by grabbing a meal with him. It will give you a better understanding of him.


7. Visit and Consult Counselors and Advisors

There are multiple figures within the place who gives valuable suggestions and instructions as how can you cope up with such challenges.


8. Think well before you Take an Extreme Step

If your boss is intensely unreasonable then you must not take an extreme step of quitting your job instantly. Be candid and have a backup plan by applying at several places for a job. When you feel you are going get a call from somewhere then think of quitting your job otherwise it will be disastrous.


9. Be Promising to your Job

If you have made up your mind to stay on the same job then you have to show great gusto and energy by moving consistently and by showing a promising attitude. This will lets you earn credibility and good will.


10. Be Resourceful and Initiative

For making the things even better it would be wise to put your best foot forward by being initiative and moving one step ahead. Try to accomplish the tasks before the deadlines. Always speak in a polite and refined way either about your progress or about your failures.


11. File up all the stuff

It leaves a positive impression to file up all the stuff as you can show up with your boss any time. You will not have to present the things haphazardly.


12. Do not be too Submissive while Encountering with an Incompetent Boss 

If you are fully informed and have a great know-how about any particular matter then you don’t need to be submissive as it would be the crunch time to show your leadership qualities. Through your knowledge, competence and strong body language surprise your boss and peers.


13. Identify Causes

When you are done with the deep understanding of your boss then the very next thing you should do is to figure out the triggers that can breakdown his anger. For instance if he cant afford the ill-disciplined people then don’t be amongst them. Be punctual and regular so he may not get mad at you.


14. Bottle out from Future tough Bosses

Before being the part of any company try to do a little research ahead of time in order to figure out that you will not get caught again with a horrible boss. You can have a word with any staff member and get to know through this way.

By trying this laundry list of tips you will get the better understanding as how to deal with a difficult boss you hate. Between boss and employee of course it’s the employee who has to work harder in the area of being patient and tolerant.

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