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14 tips for how to be happy in life | Secrets of happiness

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How to be happy in life

There is no specific recipe to prepare a good life to live. For having a good life you don’t need to do a big research nor need you to purchase a pack of happiness from any emporium. The secret of living a good life lies with in you, in your imagination and in your heart there are ways and solutions for happiness in life. So don’t roam around in seeking happiness or a goodness in your life.

You don’t have to knock other’s doors to get the gusto of life, look at the already opened door of your own life and figure the unveiled and undiscovered things to get amazed.

Let’s see some of the secrets of happiness

  1. Get rid of the guilt complex

For surviving a good life it is must for you to not live in any guilt complex. Leave all your regrets and remorse neither by sticking yourself with the bitter aspect of past nor by obsessing about the unexpected future. You have to make yourself understand that one has to accept what life gives either good or bad, either bitter or pleasant. The thing is whatever it gives it has some purpose behind this sometimes life wants to teach you a lesson by giving something bitter, sometimes it tests your courage by giving you a tough time, sometimes it blesses you with success so accept it the way it is!

  1. Live the present

Many of us ruin our present by mentally living in past. This is not the way life is lived because in this way you are just in a process of breathing so don’t be so cruel with your life and live the present, recall the past in a pleasant way but don’t live there its gone its over that’s what you need to realize that you have to live the present moments.  Live life happily and wholeheartedly and embrace what life is offering you in a present it and perish it.

  1. Enjoy the little things in life

Most of us are habitually thankless and always complaining for how to be happy or how to live a happy life but we don’t appreciate the tiny pleasures that come in our way. That is why we feel hollowness in our lives because we never learn to acknowledge the simple things in our life. Be thankful even for the minute bliss otherwise you will not be able to feel blessed even when you will be blessed with some mighty happiness. Practice being happy at little things.

  1. Cuddle and Nurture Relationships

The life of this present era is said to be more hollow despite the hundreds of wonderful scientific inventions today a man is deprived from the true meaning of life in terms of tranquility and happiness. The reason behind this we have become so mechanical that we have forgotten to spend our time with our near and dear ones. The devices and machinery can only facilitate your life it cannot be the alternative of relationships. So cuddle up your near and dear ones and get the eternal bliss by nurturing these relationships.

  1. Embrace your liberty

Your philosophy of living a good life shouldn’t bank upon other people. This will not bring you at ease rather you will be ill at ease. You have to embrace your liberty and be self-reliant so you can taste the real pleasures of life

  1. Welcome the Diversity of things

It’s a great fun to learn and welcome new things in your life. Life offers you a novelty so be receptive and embrace it. As it is said variety is the spice of life. So do bring diversity and get pleased.

  1. Be passionate about Your Passions

Life becomes a wonderful adventure if you know what you want. So first figure out what is your thirst and how can you quench it. Show that gusto and energy for achieving the things you are passionate about.

  1. love nature

We are blessed with alluring beauties of nature. The chirping of birds at morning and the silent sunset appeal to our senses. Isn’t it sufficient for us to be pleased at? Glance at the master piece of nature all around us and inhale this beauty all the rigidness and boredom will be oozed out.

  1. Take initiative in greeting others

We humans cant live a happy life until and unless we join together and meet up with one another. That is why it is said that man is a social animal. The presence of others is a gift so practice receiving and giving that gift to others. By spending a good time others makes you forget the worries of your life.

  1. Be always there for others

It is ancient philosophy that is totally true that you get great happiness when you help others. See one good turn deserves another; today if you will remove the barriers for others that come in the way then one day you will get a smooth road ahead in return.

  1. Be promising and committed

You must learn how to keep your words. The one who are not committed tend to lose their credibility and love so for seeking pleasure and peaceful life, learn how to keep promises as it is an essential task to be learned.

  1. Contentment and gratification

The theory of perfection varies from person to person. Because nothing is perfect there is only perception. The perfection of life is to accept the life and its challenges daringly, strive for it without ruining your present.

  1. Struggle hard and sleep soundly

For having a vibrant life it is necessary to keep moving with high spirits only then you can enjoy the high jinks of life. Besides that if your brain isn’t at ease then it won’t be able to keep the rest of your body at ease. So take a sound sleep enjoy good health and have a happy life.

  1. Laughter is the best medicine

It is meant to believe that yes a day without laughter is a day wasted. Don’t deprive yourself from laughing. Smile wider and laugh louder and get the best out of it. Practice it and gradually you will learn how wonderful it is to let yourself laugh.

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