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27 best fun things to do when you are bored at home

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Boredom is something very annoying for all of us. You all happen to look for fun things to do when you are bored at home or sometimes at work and we don’t know how to kill that boredom. The longer you will be bored the more frustrated and angry you will get.

It is said that that it’s totally up to you to get away with boredom because boredom is a choice and when you keep postponing the ways to eliminate it then it lets you get into negative thinking. The best way to kill boredom is to engage your mind somewhere. Because when your mind is not engaged then it breeds boredom so the key is to get engaged.

You have to put aside your sluggishness and make an effort to keep yourself busy by trying some interesting tasks and activities which will make you forget all your monotony and tedium.

some of the fun things to do when you are bored at home:

1. Shake a leg come on

You have to be quick and prepare yourself for a brisk walk in a beautiful garden. Take your Walkman along so you can enjoy your favorite songs simultaneously. Make sure you must not take your cell phone with you otherwise it will act like a speed bump and will not let your eyes capture the alluring view of surroundings.

2. Shape up your body

How about trying some yoga moves? It will not only engage your mind rather it is highly beneficial for your body. Make it a habit and beautify your body by some exercise. Sit in front of a mirror so you can keep tabs on you. This sounds weird but you’ll definitely enjoy doing this as a cure for boredom at home.

3. Let’s play with broom stick in garage

Today is a perfect day for cleaning up your garage. There is lot to be done which is being postponed for so long let’s do it now. Take a broom stick and brush off all the dust. Mop around very well. Now look the whole cleaning you done, whew, see a sigh of relief you are taking.

4. Snooze for a bit

You may don’t know the fact about the benefit of taking mid-afternoon nap, its highly beneficial for health. So go and snooze for a bit. When you will wake up you will feel fantastic with a fresh mind and soul.

5. How about embracing any volunteering cause

People search for things like what to do when bored and i think this is the most suggested and result-oriented thing to opt for. Be a part of any project which is meant to serve and assist people who seek help. By being the part of it you will not only get tied up in a good cause rather it will give you a great pleasure that you did something applauding.

6. How about turning the dull walls into a funky one

May be the walls of your room need a makeover so let your wall look lively by painting them some jazzy and sparkling colors. After getting it done see how you feel amazed by glancing at the combination of yellow and green.

7. Forget about old look and a get totally changed look

You must try giving yourself a new look it’s a sure bet that you will forget all the monotony and boredom. Wash your hair blow dry them make a new hairdo whenever your are bored and you’ll definitely love doing it. Capture some new looks and share it with your contacts. Sooner you will be around a bunch of mixed opinion and views that will amuse you a lot.

8. Do your shelves need your attention badly?

Trust me it is also a good way to get rid of your boredom. Get some spiffy and pleasing paper for your shelves. Paste it nicely on shelves and see how adorable your shelves are looking. Now place a beautiful decoration piece on the new showy shelf and give it a totally new fresh look.

9. Find one nook of your house which have turned into junk container

There is always one nook of a house which is treated like a junk container as every futile object is thrown there. So let’s tackle that nook today. Because your mind is seeking for an activity and that would be the best activity to do the undone work.

10. Meet-up with your old buddy

In your contacts there would be one old friend who doesn’t much appear on social media so let’s make a plan to meet with him. Buy a little prezzie for him and surprise him with your unexpected arrival.

11. Feel better by planting a plant

Gardening is something refreshing activity and is one of the best fun things to do at home. If you have nothing to do and your mind is tossing about reckless thoughts then think of planting a plant in your garden. The beautiful aroma of damp soil and fresh leaves will twist your soul and will provide you a great energy.

12. Tap on your music

It will definitely boost up your energy just play one of your favorite songs and start tapping on its beats.

13. Give your mind a tough time

Sometimes your mind demands a tricky task so let’s give it a tough time by engaging it in puzzling brain games.

14. Be in child and dive in a bubble bath

Why not? Let’s try something childish for getting amused, fill your bath tub with water pour some drops of soap for creating foam and start playing with bubbles and have fun by recalling your childhood memories and trust me this is actually a great fun thing to do when bored.

 15. Scrap your gallery and inbox

There would be lots of trash gathered in your inbox and lots of useless collection in gallery, so lie down on a comfortable rocking chair eat some peanuts and start scrapping all the trash and let your phone breathe.

 16. Consume few minutes in listing up your goals

Now that would be a real fun to make a list of your goals regarding your upcoming shopping plans. What kind of dresses you are going to get this season, which new nail colors you will try etc.

17. Tease your friends

Let’s try some real fun by teasing your friends by sending them your personalized emoji.

18. Get a pet for yourself and trust me you will never get bored

If you already have a pet then most of the chances are that you won’t be reading this, and if you don’t then don’t wait for anything and go get a pet for yourself. Dog is the most preferable pet, just get some information about the breeds and you’ll definitely enjoy after having one. You can look at these innocent dog pictures with captions and see how cute and adorable they are. You can look for cats and other pets too, but don’t ever go for monkeys obviously, don’t worry I am just kidding.

19. Your socks are stinking?

It’s time to get rid of your stinking socks so get ready for doing some laundry. Take out all the little stuff and wash them off.

20. Beautify your nails, shout, roam around here and there

For girls asking this question of what to do when you are bored is strange as there are so many things for girls to do at home. Drop the act of getting bore as you can avail your time in doing something really interesting. You can even shout over people at old siblings and if you are married then you can use these deadly terms for your men at home. Also just feel free to roam around and take out all the flashy colors and accessories and beautify your nails by getting a swanky nail art done.

21. How about revitalizing your old dull jewelry to get rid of your boredom

Oh that you must try take out all your dull and drab looking jewelry as you can make it look new by applying a clear nail color coat on your jewelry. You will be amazed to notice the difference after getting this done.

22. Let’s cook up something

How about try something new in cooking, open up your kitchen buffets take out spices and ingredients and cook up something new and look for some amazing cooking tips and give your taste buds a new taste.

23. Plan a get together of friends

If you are so bored then why don’t you call a party and have fun at home. Go out to visit some beautiful places and if you can’t then just call out your bunch of friends watch movie together and get the best out it.

24. Shout at the top of your voice out of your window

Well nothing is wrong in trying something crazy sometimes especially when boredom is about to kill you so kill the boredom by trying this crazy little act because after trying this I am sure you will be having a belly laugh and you will forget you were getting bored.

25. Try to say “p” without joining your lips

Stop asking for what to do when bored and try uttering a letter “P” without joining your lips. Keep trying! Also give this dare to your friends’ see what happens.

26. Make up your own language and speak it up randomly

Start talking in weasel words or by making your own language and see what people reaction is. Try this out with your friends first.

27. Are you sure there is nothing to be added in your Resume?

If it’s been a while since you’ve dusted off your resume, use this opportunity of “nothing to do” to get it updated.  You’ll be one step closer to applying for that great new job you’re researching and if you get a call, read these funny interview questions and never do these things or answer this way in an interview.

Everyone gets bored sometimes and there are so many fun things to when you are bored at home so never sit idle always look for ways to do something and if you don’t find anything just start decorating your bedrooms.


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