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Talkative People Psychology – Funny things about talkative people

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Talkative People Psychology Funny things about talkative people Tickletick 850x491 - Talkative People Psychology - Funny things about talkative people

Talkative people Psychology explains that these people are the most genuine people as they speak what is in their hearts. They don’t live in an invisible cocoon. They display their originality and authenticity deliberately. Sometimes yes they get criticized as they talk too much and there so many funny things about talkative people but in class room, in offices and at home these people are the real live wire that makes a dull boring place into a fun place.  They are annoyed at times  no doubt but a plus point of their personality is they are not hypocrite and what they chatter is not in their control. How innocent is that! Isn’t it? In fact it is not negative if there are some hilarious things about them as we all do funny things sometimes and you definitely need to check these too:

The most positive thing for them is that they never get bored, and in case you are not talkative and you do get bored then try these things whenever you get bored.

So they have an edge which the offish and reserved people don’t have that they don’t become the part of a flow like a dead fish. They know how to have their Say.

They burst out their opinions without bothering what the damn world will think about them. To them time is so short and there is so much to say and spread.

So we have made a laundry list of some cute crazy but really hilarious things about talkative people. Lets have a look on them and see how many of you get amused by reading this as we all have one talky person in our circle so it will remind you of him/her.

Talkative People Psychology and Fun Things about them

  1. They really can’t SHUT UP

Talkative people really find it damn hard to shut their mouth. To them its like a mission impossible that cant be accomplished. Even if they try they find themselves totally helpless. Talker person gets into a real fix when he feels he is directed to speak little. To him HOW BORING IT IS, but these things according to some people are really bad, but in real there are so many benefits about these people. You should also check benefits of being average looking.

  1. Always ready to opine

Blabby persons always carry an unseen bundle of opinions at their shoulder, wherever they go they shower their opinion without even asked. They very generously share their ideas and experiences with others. Sometimes they feel embaressed too later when they realized but its too late to repine then so put a lid and move on with the same zeal and zest.

  1. Always in a welcoming mood

Blabbers mouthed are always in a welcoming mood, they always receive others with a great grin on their face; you will never see them offish even if they are smitten hearts they tend to open their hearts for others and don’t get bitter. They tend to see the brighter side of aspects and that’s something very inspiring about them.

  1. They talk to strangers as their childhood friends                       

Chatty and blabby people are so friendly that they don’t have any hard and fast rules for making friends. Whoever comes in their way they approach very courteously. They don’t put barriers between them and strangers; regardless who they come across whether at bus stop, in a shopping mall or in lift they will always there to accompany you without even knowing about your consent and mood.

  1. Phone bill is always high phone battery is always low     

When no one is around them then they get to attach themselves with the outside world through phone. Their phone is always in use and they tend to spend a hefty amount on the phone calls they make and that is why their phone bills are at hike and phone’s battery is always sinking. They are the ones who talks in a funny way giving funny answers on phone.

  1. Source of spreading information

Talkative people function like a satellite they gather information and spread it like a bacteria spreads all over instantly. They cant digest any big or trivial news the moment they hear any news the quicker they are to spread it. 

  1. Amongst your family and friends you are a chatter-box

For your family and friends you are so high-spirited and talky that you are known as a chatter-box that keeps popping off. You can’t keep your inner craziness to yourself as this is something beyond you. But don’t forget you are the one in the family who cries the most, but don’t worry there are also many benefits of crying.

  1. At formal occasions you feel nervous as how to speak little

There are some formal occasions when one is expected to either talk little or talk wisely. That is exactly the moment a talkative person finds the toughest one. Let’s take an example of the formal ambience of interview, now the talky person is habitual to give a reply in a full fledge paragraph so imagine how hard it would for him to deliver a reply in a calculated way. Talky person really feel intensely nervous in such situations.

  1. You can give your expert opinion on any kind of futile things

Talkative people really enjoy talking UNNECESSARILY about the most unnecessary things. To make a point out of the pointless futile things is purely and typically a talky person’s speciality. So he makes him available all the time for all the things.

  1. While watching a TV you are a great annoyance

Now here in this scenario talky people are a real annoyance. Because they cant shut their mouth while watching a tv, as they find it their utmost duty to opine on every character of the movie or drama that is being watched, if the ads starts coming even then they tell you about ads as how the ads can be made better, what is the use and abuse of ads blah blah blah and the list goes on!

  1. You are the live wire of your group and family

No matter how much a talky talks, no matter whether at some places he ruins the situation but despite all that we have to admit that talkative people are the genuine live wire of their family and friends. When such persons are away either from home or from their group of friends then hollowness can be easily felt in their absence. So their lively presence really admired a lot by their family and friends.

  1. Talky person drive the shopkeepers and their teachers totally Crazy

When a talky person enters in a shop then he is there to such shopkeeper’s brain. He drives him crazy with the bombardment of questions. He keeps firing his questions non-stop till the brain of shopkeepers turns drain.

As for the talkative student in the class then he is such a tough nut for his teacher that she almost gets completely mad while tackling with him. He just not talks too much rather also invites others to talk and this really disrupts the class.

  1. By placing yourself at a concerned place they can do wonders

Talkative people do wonders when they are at the right and concerned field. They can be an outstanding speaker and a motivational mentor, they can be an excellent host and a superb orator. They can be a fantastic presenter by displaying their talent and skills in a desired way.

In case and you are one them and reading this article, don’t ever try to leave this habit. Although there are so many habits we should leave but being talkative is not one of them. So after reading these points about talkative people psychology and though some of them are funny things about them but let’s salute those people who talk a lot.

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