If you are getting bored and want to get rid of the monotonous routine of yours then we have something really wonderful for you. You can simply annoy your friends asking them stupid and funny questions through texting or while they are around you. You can also check other reads about asking funny stuff to people such as:

Let’s staying on the point, you would love to do it as in the company of friends you don’t have to be so concerned about formalities nor you would have a fear that in result you may have to listen a big boring lecture on manners and ethics. So, its purely a Chill program! You and your friends will have a light-hearted conversation.

Some Hilarious Questions to Ask your Friends

  1. If God helps those who help themselves then why it is said help others?

Since childhood we are taught that God helps those who help themselves, that means ultimately you have to paddle your own canoe for making the things work as only then you should seek for God’ help. That’s very true, but just for the sake of fun pose this question to your friends and ask if it is so then why it is said help others, why others can’t help themselves?

We should help others here our concern is just to play fun and check how witty your friends are at it.


  1. How many ears one is supposed to have for being ‘All ears’?

For showing rapt attention it is said ‘I am all ears’ , we all have two ears so in this regard why do we say I am all ears, shouldn’t it be like I am two ears or I am both ears? Ask it out and see what reply you get from your buddies.


  1. Why this term is used widely ‘You know’ especially when are not yet done completing the whole utterance?

Before we actually start talking about a certain point we often rater frequently use the term ‘you know’ whereas we haven’t yet done completing the whole talk, logically its nonsense isn’t? why don’t you ask your friend about this?


  1. Can you adopt a monkey expecting it to be evolved in a man one day?

It is an old doctrine that says that we humans were apes and monkeys and then we evolved periodically into humans, so pose this question to your friend and ask if he can adopt a monkey expecting it to be evolved into a human one day!

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  1. Why a square-shaped ring for boxers is called Rings?

A place where wrestler punch and bang up with each other is called, the point to be noted here is that Ring is of square-shaped. Tickle your friend by asking him this naughty question.


  1. if you were recreated then in what form you would like to be human or animal/bird?

It’s a great fun to answer such questions, people usually reply that they would like to be what they are now if they were born again. Rest depends on your friend, if he isn’t much happy with his life, people have dumped him then he would rather prefer to be a crow so he could shit on all those who tormented him in his previous life.


  1. Is a liar eligible to call a liar when he admits he lies?

Another tricky question coming you way, if you happen to meet a person who lies but at the same time he admits deliberately that he speaks lie then would you call him a liar who is telling a truth?


  1. Is nose really be a culprit as because of it two eyes can never see each other?

Do you think too that its because of nose that our eyes can never see each other? Take the opinion of your friend over this. It is said distance makes the heart grow fonder! That could be a reply, besides that if the eyes are dying to see each other why they look in mirror, simple!

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  1. Why people wake you up asking you ‘Are you sleeping?’

Oh, that is so widely common, no matter in which region and nook of the world you are residing you would agree that we all do this, we see that a person is sleeping then we wake him up and ask him ‘Are you sleeping’? how silly isn’t it? Now ask you friend and see what does he has to say in this connection.


  1. Why a Waiter is called a ‘waiter’? It’s we who has to wait for a meal to serve?

Whenever you visit a restaurant, a waiter comes to take your order, you place the order and then you wait, that’s what happens then why it is a waiter that is called a waiter, isn’t it you who should be called out as a waiter? Ask your friend to opine!


  1. If driving is not allowed while being drunk then how all the drunk persons come back to home from bars?

dont drink and drive tickletick23 - 30+ Stupid and Funny Questions to Ask friends to Annoy them

This is really thought-provoking, first you are told that drunk cant drive, or you can say that drunk isn’t allowed to drive then how come all the drunk persons come back to their come from bars? If you know the answer then please do tell me too I would please to know.


  1. Say something really serious in a funny way

It means go against the expression, wow worth-trying that promises to be a real fun. Such imagine someone is telling this smilingly and laughingly ‘today my boss insulted me badly’. How possibly he could add an element of fun it that’s the real deal. You can also check our funny ways to answer their phone calls.



  1. Tell about the funniest thing ever happened with you?

Now this can amuse the whole group of your friends, ask one of your friend to jog his memory and share a humorous incident happened with him, enjoy the flash back with your friends.


  1. Is there any person whom you can’t help laughing at?

Sometimes it happens that we can’t help laughing at someone, its not because the other person makes us laugh or he does some clownish tricks, its just we can’t help it without any specific reason. Ask your friend if he has also that someone in his surroundings.


  1. What would you prefer to be? ugly and intelligent or beautiful and stupid?

Sounds interesting! Take the opinion and see what do you get in replies, how your friend would rather to be? Will he prefer looks on intelligent or he wants look with a dumb mind and no talents?


  1. Did you ever feel ashamed of yourself? If yes then why?

That takes a real courage to share such moment of your life in which you felt ashamed of yourself. So pull out such ticklish truths from your friends mouth and enjoy!


  1. Would you rather choose to be a clown or a cowboy?

Obviously, a cow-boy is the better option, the aggressive looks of cow-boy look damn impressive. But that’s my choice may be your friends would rather choose to be a clown.


  1. Assume that you are left in a deserted island what three things you would need for your survival?

Inquire your best buddy what three things he would demand in order to survive in a deserted island. His mobile battery is gone dead, now what he needs to have?


  1. Would you rather have an Aladdin’s lamp or extra ordinary talents and skills?

That’s the test of your friend’s intelligence now, whether he is the one who just dosses down and seeks for an Aladdin’s lamp nor he wants extra-ordinary talents and skills. When there are so much skills you have who would need an Aladdin’s lamp when without that you could do wonders.


  1. Would you rather have beautiful spouse with dumb sense of humor or a sharp sense of humor with average looks?

It is seen and observed that it’s a sense of humor that people find immensely attractive, every one has his own preferences and choices, to some appearance and looks matter a lot and to some it’s the wit that stands out-class, get to know your friend’s thoughts about this.


  1. Did any prank of yours go wrong?

Sometimes some how when you play a prank with someone it goes wrong and that sometimes leaves you in an awkward situation. Did it happen with your friend?


  1. If you were to laugh louder during a meeting in your office? In result of doing this dare you can get a hefty reward, will you accept it?

Imagine what kind of serious ambience tends to be in office meetings and during that ambience if someone broke the ice by a loud laughter what will be the reaction of the rest? Ask your friend if he could accept the offer.


  1. Why people say ‘what the hell are you talking about’, when they know what actually are you talking about?

When you say something that is not liked by the listener then you get in return ‘what the hell are you talking about’ despite knowing the fact that listener knows very well what are you talking but still he asks, why? Ask your friend and see what does he has in his mind regarding this.

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  1. Would you rather dye your hair in multi-color or shave them off completely?

Imagine your friend in multi-color hair, what would he look? A son of a rainbow I guess, or he would choose to be bald-headed, get to know about his will!


  1. Would you rather have six set of fingers in both hands or six toes?

Yuck! Anyways have to tell you so you can take the over dose of fun, now your friend can answer better what kind of ‘Thing’ he would like to have.


  1. Would you rather be a dog or a cat?

What would your friend prefer to do Meow Meow or Baw Baw? How he feels convenient the choice is his!


  1. Would you rather eat squashy pizza or rotten eggs?

Another yucky question, if your friend got into a situation where he is bound to chose for one option amongst the two what would he chose a squashy unpleasant pizza or rotten smelly eggs? Poor he!


  1. Would you rather have a pet crocodile or have a pet hippo?

Aww both are very ‘Harmless’ indeed, anyways what we can say its your friend who could comment better, maybe he would like to have cutie cutie crocodile, pose this question to him and amuse the whole group with his reply.


  1. Don’t you think free gift is a silly term?

Now that’s really tricky about this term because a gift is always free, it is paid then it is not a gift. Then why it is called a Free Gift?


  1. Would you rather stuck in an elevator with an irritatingly talkative but beautiful girl or with an old lady with a German shepherd?

Ask your friend to imagine whether he would chose to get stuck in an elevator with a beautiful girl who will keep on talking and talking and talking until your ears will start bleeding or your friend would like to get stuck with an old lady who will remain quiet and that lady will be accompanied by huge German shepherd.

I guess enough of the giggles now, you and your friends would be too tired to laugh so much, all these funny questions will definitely crack you up. Make sure these questions are silly and hilarious, weird and non-sense so you don’t have to pose these questions on strangers or other than your close friends otherwise you will get caught in a serious situation for sure. Its because the purpose behind these hilarious questions is to multiply the fun and kill the boredom and this is only possible when you will ask them in a right company and that’s only your close friends.

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