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11 Silly, Funny and weird things we all do sometimes

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silly funny and weird things we all do

Its not just the animals and birds that do strange things, there are so many funny and weird things that we all humans do too in our daily life sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. We are mature yet carry a wild mind and a dreamy heart, we are educated yet we believe in some cases that ignorance is blessing. We are well aware about some certain things yet we don’t refrain ourselves doing something really silly, so are we really funny, weird and silly ones but yes YET interesting and amusing too!

Let glance at the laundry list of things we do when bored at home!

Silly and Funny Things Everyone Does

  1. Preferring your one hand and foot to another

It’s a sure bet that you all would agree that our both hands and both feet are the same but we do prefer one either right or left such as if we are in a jewelry shop and checking a ring size then it is always will be the one hand of your choice either right or left where you will wear a ring and glance at it. Similarly if you are in shoe shop and you are interested in buying a foot wear then you will check wearing that foot wear in particular feet of yours. Well most of do this that’s equally funny and weird.

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  1. Thinking about silly things

We sometimes can’t help thinking about silly or impossible things. For instance thinking and wishing about having the superficial power of getting invisible, to think about “what if I could see through the wall?”. We all dream and wish for such power that’s funny and totally impossible but still we think and enjoy dreaming about it! Every day, Every month and Every Year we think and make plans and then we forget them, Especially when we make funny new year resolutions every year.

  1. Enjoying the wildness of mind

It’s not just your heart that can be called a wild and strange creature, mind too is a wild and woolly creature! You would have experienced it many times that sometime you are just physically present somewhere but mentally you are very far, your mind takes you in the limitless world of fancy and imagination and there you are so much absorbed that when some interruption and knocking is heard from the actual world then you realize where have you been!

Sometimes it happens that a conversation is going on and you are the part of it all you feel and see is merely the lipping of the person sitting before you and you really don’t have any idea where are you and what is being said as you are completely zone out at that very moment. Isn’t a strange yet very interesting thing?

  1. Observing others without any specific reason and assume things about them

We usually do this not always but yes mostly and most of us do this! you are sitting in a restaurant there are many people around you. You have ordered about your meal now you are free so looking around here and there, what you will assume about others by their appearance such as a person sitting before you is wearing nice raiment what you will say in your mind is “wow he seems to be a perfect fashion plate!”. You cant put barriers in a way of your thinking so you keep floating in the flow of your mind. Someone you find a fashion disaster someone may look like a mama’s boy and so on! You concoct diverse stories about others, the ones about whom you don’t know anything at all!

  1. Discussing others

In “discussing others” we usually pick holes about others and throw light on their flaws and we are not done yet we discuss laundry list of flaws with others too. It is silly act and a great waste of time and above all a bad habit too but a high majority of people is habitual in picking holes of others! We sometimes make funny prank calls when we are together with a bunch of friends.

  1. Lying and double-dealing

We all lie, some of us lie little and some of us lie excessively. Lying is said to be the root of all bad things. Sometimes we lie to patch up someone and that’s fine to do so but the ones who are habitual in lying and don’t feel bad about it can’t justify it in any way at all. Lying is a shaky thing to do it proves itself to be fake at the end so better to drop the act!

  1. Laughing

Well laughing is not a bad habit it’s a great fun to laugh. Even when you see someone laughing a lot then you also couldn’t help smiling at them. Laughter is said to be the best medicine and there are some who take this medicine on regular bases. Some people have the habit of laughing at serious matters or in serious situations, such as a class room where is a pin drop silence then a person habitual in it couldn’t help laughing in that silence. It also happens that you also feel embarrassed too for not holding your laughters at such serious situations but you can’t help it!

  1. Humming and murmuring

Humming we usually do when we are happy, we hum the song of our choice and feel delighted or we hum the song when we miss someone!

Well as far as murmuring is concerned then we do to it when we are angry and mad at someone. Such as you are stuck in traffic, you need to arrive early at somewhere but the traffic is like nose to tail and there you are sitting on a driving seat and murmuring about the situation “What the hell has gone wrong with this damn traffic?”. So we all do this when we are in a blazing mood.

  1. Piercing

Piercing and making drawing on your parts of body in a form of tattoos is also weird because piercing is done on such a delicate parts too such at eye lids or under lower lip. How painful it sounds! Well the ones who do this really feel delighted so their choice!

  1. Capturing pic of yours in funny silly and poses

Now a day the picture phobia is at height! Wherever you go you see everyone absorbed in taking selfies. Some people capture their pics in silly and funny stances like rolling their eyes and taking their tongue out etc. so this is immensely common now yet it sometimes sounds really silly and funny too.

  1. Window shopping

As far as window shopping is concerned then we can’t say everyone do this but yes many of us do window shopping. It makes us feel a great pleasure to roam around from one shop to another discussing and glancing at the objects kept there. Our eyes want to hunt something new so window shopping is the first episode of real shopping in which we just observe that what is the new rock and roll of now a days!

So there is nothing weird about it it’s just all fun things to do, we should keep doing them if they make you stay lively, but there are also some things that you should kick off from your daily routine. Still these funny and weird things are a part of our life so let them be.


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