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McDonald’s worker caught taking a shower in restaurant sink

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McDonalds worker caught taking a shower in restaurant sink tickletick - McDonald’s worker caught taking a shower in restaurant sink

In Taiwan’s western Taichung city in one of the Macdonald’s branch had an incident of one of his employees who was seen taking a shower in restaurant’s kitchen sink. When this news got spread the first thought to strike in everyone’s mind was obviously of hygiene. If this had really happened then to be a doubting Thomas about the restaurant’s hygiene is but natural.

Moreover the manager of a McDonald’s restaurant in Taiwan also has verified this incident and also shown the complete picture of this truth. This incident took place in the abode of a restaurant.

The truth behind this was that in the month of March there was some sort of party was going on most probably that was a farewell party in the honor of the staff member. That staff member was leaving and rest of the staff members were engaged in all the high-jinks of that festive party.

So that was exactly the person who had caught taking a bath as during all this festivity all the team members covered him with cake all over. This man who got cake all over him had to got himself clean and wash.

Whatever it is manager himself knows that how sensitive people tend to get on such pursuits. By seeing the snap of a topless man taking bath in a restaurant’s sink is not ignorable in any way at all. Especially when it comes to the hi-profile restaurants like McDonalds then things get graver.

It is said to be the top-rated and popular chain of McDonalds in Taiwan and the concerned authorities promise to take into considerations such negligence so from now in it won’t happen again ever. This matter is not at all trivial for them as they understand it well that such loop-holes are bothering for its clients. Management shows a solid consent that there has to be no compromise on hygienic issues that is why they said they are going to keep tabs more strictly on each and every moment in order to keep things up to the mark. The devoid of hygiene will not be happened again for sure that’s what the management at Taichung city branch assures.

One of the spokes-person says that the concerns of their clients are highly important for them that is why we promise to provide the gourmet foods to our clients along with the highest standards of hygiene.

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