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This man is not getting a job because of the tattoo on his face

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This man is not getting a job because of tattoo on his face Tickletick - This man is not getting a job because of the tattoo on his face

This man whose name is Mark Cropp is seeking for a job but after trying at several places he didn’t get a response. According to Mark it’s because of the weirdo tattoo on his face that he isn’t getting a job. Now it’s hard to opine how far his reason seems right because it’s not just the tattoo that is related with Mark; there is something more to tell and that is this tattoo he got on his face at the time when he was behind the bars in New Zealand.

Mark used to be drunk in jail and his face turned like a pumpkin as it was swollen badly. Mark was in his teens and still is as it all happened two years ago; when he caught by the cops as he had committed armed robbery.

DEVAST is what is carved on his face and basically it’s his inmate that instigated him for having a tattoo so others may not dare to play any foul game with Mark; that jailbird is Mark’s brother said Mark.

At such a young age he got a weirdo look because of the tattoo on face and had to be in jail when he was not even reach at the age of eighteen. Mark Cropp doesn’t feel delighted with this tattoo and he says he is on the mend now. He is working in making up a normal life with aspects of positivity in it as he doesn’t live any more in his past.

According to Mark the current scenario of not getting a job is not because of the criminal record as since he got release from the jail he is not up to such activities so it’s the tattoo alone that is an obstacle in his way of getting a job.

Mark shown his deep interest of making his livelihood by sending a piece of writing to one of the websites that might deal with job opportunities and sends job alerts to its users. So Mark also tries his luck there and he informed them about the tattoo that he has on face.

Mark has worked somewhere as a brick distributor and then he worked in some scrap metal yard. By telling this it can be said that he carries some work experience too in the concerned fields.

Now Mark is in his late teens and he got a learner’s license too. He seems to be prepared for taking the responsibilities of work or job as now he has strong intentions to do the things well.

Mark is capable of doing some work in the area of painting and decorating as he has done some qualification in them.

Mark once received a curt response from somewhere he tried for an employment as that man objected on his tattoo and refused deliberately that he won’t give him work because of this tattoo it’s not negotiable for him in anyway at all.

Mark is not happy at all with all these refusals and disapproval looks by others as a book is not supposed to be judged by its cover. He must be given a chance to check his abilities without considering his face with a tattoo. He must be treated like any other human being, Mark says.


Because of the constant rebuffs Mark has chosen a platform of social media where he has raised his voice to treat him in an acceptable way.

As for the Tattoo he could have removed it by laser but he is feeling a little reluctance as it took 7-8 hours to draw it.



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