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How to get over a breakup and move on with your life

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How to get over a breakup and move on with your life tickletick - How to get over a breakup and move on with your life

Life is uncertain it doesn’t promise to remain the same ever nor it promises to bring the un-ending joys in one’s life. Abandon and departing is always achy and agonizing. Many of us keep hurting ourselves by sticking with past and by over thinking about the breakups. We don’t realize that it’s totally useless to do that and we must get over a break up and move on with a new life. We must learn how to cope up with this torment before it tears you apart. Follow these dealing with breakup tips and let your past go.


  1. Don’t prison yourself with memories

First of all try to make yourself understand what is to happen has happened and you now need to think what’s next? Grieving is totally normal but is that the solution to keep yourself prisoned with the past memories? How long you will be like this and will it bring a rainbow in your darkness? Ask these questions to you and let yourself ponder as it will help drifting your inside glacier.


  1. Feel grieved and respire anger

Respiring anger is good for you the more you will rip it out the more calm you will get. But what is the right way to respire anger. The handy way to get over someone is to remove all the things in your life that are related to our ex. Delete the number from your phone, remove and delete all that could remind you of him. By doing this will actually make you feel lighter than before.


  1. Move without a backward glance

Getting over someone is not easy for you right now but you can try don’t follow the person who is not eager to see you back and this bitterness you will swallow if you will refrain yourself by seeking him over and over again. Don’t let yourself look back no matter how hard it will be to forbid yourself from doing this. Initially it will be like hiking up a mountain but after some time you will be out that very pain.


  1. Lay the ghost of him/her by forgiving

Forgiving will be the most difficult but the most healing thing at the same time. The moment you will forgive your ex will ease your heart in a magical way. You will feel a great peace in your heart because that would be the most vital part of your trauma to Let Go what is gone forever and lets look ahead now.


  1. Repeat it “he/she is just not that into me”

After forgiving new lesson to be learnt is to think on this note that the person who couldn’t be the part of your life wasn’t meant to be with you. There is someone else who will be there whom you will discover and will find that person is your soul mate. So think loud and repeat it that yes he is just not that into me! That was just the little worthless paragraph of our life where as new and interesting things are yet to come.


  1. Be in love with you

The lid of past keeps popping off when you don’t stop blaming yourself or when you don’t love yourself. You have to be in love with you, the moment you will do this then just then the dust will be settled as it will work like a soothing ointment. Make it a practice to value yourself by loving yourself and that is the best way to get over your crush or someone you love.


  1. Hold your head high and be positive

The zest and zeal of life lies when you step forward with pride by carrying positive thoughts in the frame of your mind. Let yourself float on positive thoughts regarding your future. Don’t remorse and don’t panic that if one person has gone from my life then it is not the end of the world and may be nothing is left for me now. No that’s an irrationality and bury it deep down and chin up be positive be optimist for the unveiled beautiful upcoming future.

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