How you are going to spend your day depends upon your stamina and how much your brain and heart are ready to work, either they are feeling sluggishness or they are fully charged to work. So if you want to stay active and want your tasks to be done in a desired way without any dilly-dally then you must know the way of brushing off all the tiredness and all the factors that turn you into a deadbeat.

The very first thing you need to understand is that stop being a couch potato because you need to shake a leg for getting rid of your weariness.

A high majority of people spend their time either while watching a google-box or by playing games on their hand held gadgets and that’s what we call a real bone of contention.  Give your idiot-box and other devices a short break and start focusing on something really useful and constructive. They love to sit doing nothing and later cry that they can’t do anything, although there are some benefits of crying as well but lets’ focus on how to be energetic for now.

If you will come to know about the drawbacks of keep sitting all the time then you will be shattered with fear. According to a research, people who spend their maximum time on sitting stance have been seen to have breast cancer and colon cancer. Now how awful it is to hear! So kindly give damn on such activities that are stealing your health and taking you so close to doom.

Lets’ have a look at some ways for how to be active:


1. Take a walk

Walking is the most beneficial, common and economical way of staying active and fresh. It is beyond your thinking that how walking burns your calories and freshen up yourself tremendously.

Make a routine of taking a walk on regular bases not only helps you to stay vibrant but it also helps to stay mentally strong in your everyday routine matters. You don’t need to climb at hills, as a beginner you just need to take a brisk walk ten gradually when your stamina will be built up you will be able to do more. Initially you need to take a walk so your body remains in a comfort zone so for this walk in your lawn or in any park near by your home. Keep tabs on your duration of walking so you may get the idea how much time you are consuming at it.

2. Don’t keep sitting constantly even while working

Constant sitting is not good for you whether you are at your working place or at home avoid a constant sitting stance. At your work place take a stand-up desk if this isn’t possible then after a while take a break and walk around and move your legs and make them feel relaxed. A constant sitting position also causes your back ill at ease so for comforting yourself get up and walk, even consuming a little time will also be full of perks.

Taking a break just for 5-7 minutes won’t be a big deal as such so do it must!

3. Climb stairs instead of using lift

Don’t be lazybones to use lift because using stairs is so good for staying hale and hearty. In shopping malls or in any building you must prefer climbing at stairs. It is said to be the best exercise for legs muscles.

4. Yoga move/Plank pose

There are countless wonders of doing yoga initially pick the best one for you and that is a plank pose. This wonderful and highly health-giving yoga exercise will enable you stay sturdy as by doing this periodically you will find and feel your thighs, backs and abs so fit and firm. You will learn day by day how to maintain your balance by straightening your legs and the rest of your body will be in a push-up position.

You need to consume 8 to 10 seconds on it daily you will see the difference in you that’s a sure bet!

5. Learn to do “Squats”

Squat can be called a queen amongst exercise moves. It is highly beneficial for strengthening your muscles of hamstrings, calves and overall for legs. You have to be in a position in which your toes should be facing quite straight ahead. You have to rise a bit slowly by maintaining the balance and keeping in mind that your torso should remain straight.

Consume a little time daily on it and stay healthy and active as you will have lots of perks.

6. Take a reasonable amount of sleep

For waking up active and staying vibrant it is necessary to take good sleep. Your sleeping span shouldn’t be less than 7 hours, if it is so then you won’t be able to get rid of weariness. So take sleep properly for waking up with a fresh mind.

7. Must take breakfast

This may sound unacceptable but this is one of the answers whenever you ask how to be active. Whether you are a student or an employee or you just stat home you are not supposed to miss your breakfast. You should take your meal in breakfast otherwise it will definitely effect your energy level. Weakness and feeling of being feeble as you are going to get faint is usually occur when you don’t give your belly a good diet and at a required time.

8. Arrange any outdoor activity that you love to do

There must be any sports in which you will be interested, choose any of your favorite out-door activity and make a plan to consume a little time daily on it. For this you definitely don’t need a push as you would love to be the part of that game.

9. Take fun and feel fun

Boredom is one of the root cause of laziness. So don’t let it hinder your way of staying active. As we all know that a day without laughter is a day wasted so for staying vibrant an element of fun in mandatory. So entertain yourself keep your heart happy. Join the company of those with whom you can give a belly laugh, for this the company of your friends will be just the ticket and when you can’t think of anything to do then then you can have so many fun things to do when you are bored.

Read jokes, share laughter and watch hilarious stuff either on google-box or at your mobile. The more you will laugh the better chances you have for staying active and energetic. Stay with those from you feel like getting positive vibes, you don’t need to be with those who are short-fuse and offish as such people are nothing more than a party-pooper because they just function to spoil the happy scenario.


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