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11 health benefits and interesting facts about lemons

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interesting facts and health benefits about lemons

This small looking ball carries big wonders and thunderbolt in it, it is the beautiful gift of nature that caters us in countless ways. It serves to bring betterment to not to just our skin and hair rather there are so many health benefits of lemons and prevails all over and go beyond your fancy!

Lemon is amazingly beneficial because of its tremendous and immense properties that help nourishing you moreover it keeps many diseases at bay.

Let’s see there are 11 health benefits of lemon

  • Respiratory disorders
  • Throat infections
  • Dental problems
  • Fever
  • Indigestion
  • Burns
  • Cholera
  • High blood pressure
  • Rheumatism
  • Dental problems
  • Constipation


Interesting facts about lemons

  • beefy structure

Lemon is extremely beneficial for getting rid of your, it kills the obesity slowly but surely.

  • Cleanser

Lemon is also known as one of the best cleanser, it not just cleanses your skin but also cleanses and disinfects your stomach too. The latest research on lemon also states that lemon has the capability of turfing out the kidney stones.

  • Lemonade

Lemons are used to make drinks like lemonade that makes you feel so refreshing and light. There are many who uses lemons as a stain remover because it has the power of ejecting the hard stains so it can be used as a washing agent too.

Health Benefits of Lemons

  1. Indigestion      

Lemon juice is very healing for the upset stomach, the cleansing properties in it will do the whole work. Just a dew droplets of it juice will purify the blood and you would be relieved in a while after consuming it. All you need to do is add the few drips of lemon juice in cold water add a little amount of salt in it and stir it well. It is ready for fixing up the indigestion of your stomach. Whenever you feel heaviness after having a meal then just consume this lemon drink and get well with out undue time lapse.

  1. Constipation

Well lime water has the power of making you getting rid of your annoying constipation. Those who suffer from constipation knows well that what a nasty and painful feeling it is to carry that shitty burden in you for so long. So in this regard lime water will do the cleansing of your clogged pipes, it is basically dryness that causes constipation and this dryness can be cured by lime water.

For getting rid of constipation take half lemon and squeeze it a bit warm water, consume this drink before taking breakfast. Repeat this until you start feeling relieved and cured.

  1. Dental issues

Health benefits of lemons also include getting rid of dental issues. You can take a great care of your teeth with the help of lemon. You can make the pain go away by just applying a lemon juice on the effected area. Moreover it is highly beneficial for the sensitive gums, if your gums starts bleeding then stop pulling a long face any longer as lemon juice will just be the ticket to overcome this problem of yours. Just give a little gentle massage on your gums with lemon juice and give it daily for bringing the quick and desired results. After some days you will find your gums stronger than before and besides that your mouth will not be having any nasty odor.

  1. Temperature/fever

Fever is really a frightening ailment especially when your one suffers from that how awful you feel can be well imagined. Lets pacify your tension by giving you a valuable information that lemon can bring down the temperatare and will make you feel so better and at ease. The juice of lemon breaks the temperature by leveling up the perspiration.

Besides that by wrapping the child’s feet into lemon soaked socks or towel also breaks up the fever. The soaked towel in warm water with lemon juice in it is so effective and recommended too for controlling the rising temperature.

  1. Fade the old scars by lemon

The old scars can be faded away by lemon juice. You can apply lemon juice on the scars after the burned area is fully healed up. Keep repeating it for some weeks in order to get desired results and then peridically you will observe the scars getting disappeared.

  1. Fat controls

One interesting fact about lemon is that a glass of lemon juices stimulates your immune system and removes the toxins of your body that are found in blood. It makes you lose your weight by adding a lemon juice in a warm glass of water. You have to consume it daily before eating anything.

Be consistent in consuming that lemon drink on daily bases for best results as it has more than one perks in taking it.

  1. Tired foot

your feet carry your whole burden of your body so they definitely need a break, break here doesn’t mean to just lay down to sleep NO, you need to retrieve the energy in order to make them work without any tiredness so for this take a tub and fill it with warm water, add some lemon juice in it. And dip your feet in it for 30 minutes. After that dry them and see how fresh and relaxed they are now!

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  1. Cures the corns

if there is any bump on your skin then not to worry as you can treat it with lemon juice. You just need to apply the lemon juice on the skin that is bumped and hard. So keep doing it untill the lump starts going back.

  1. Control the high blood pressure

Lemon juice contains potasium in it and this makes it keep tabs on blood pressure and doesn’t allow it to go astray. By consuming the water with lemon squeeze in it you can get rid of drowsyness too as it eases your nerves and makes you feel relaxed by providing that calm sensation.

Lemon juice contains potasium in it and this makes it keep tabs on blood pressure and doesn’t allow it to go astray. By consuming the water with lemon squeeze in it you can get rid of drowsyness too as it eases your nerves and makes you feel relaxed by providing that calm sensation.

  1. Restore the breathing problems

lemon is also beneficial and helpful in curing as asthmatic cough. For this you need to take one table spoon of freshly sqeezed lemon and add a pinch of black pepper and salt in it. You needv to consume it before taking any meal. It will help you in taking gentle breaths without any hitches, gradually yyour asthma will be at much ease.

So to cap it all lemon is full of wonders its pulp and its juice is highly beneficial in many ways, either for skin or hair and as far as its efficacy is concerned there are so many amazing health care of lemons then its numerous and huge. Add lemon in your daily diet and get the best out of it. Stay healthy  stay fresh! Let the lemon do wonders and kill all the toxins that keep your body restless.

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