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10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine

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habits you must kick off

We all develop various habits in us, some of them are pleasant some are nasty. Some are reasonable and some of them can distort out personality. So there is a list below that tells you what kind of habits you must kick off as they can hold you back from the real bliss and happiness of your life. Kicking off these habits would later make you feel that you did the right thing and would take you out of the things people now wish they could understand while they were growing up.

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1. Being reluctant of saying “NO”

reluctant of saying no - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
There are many of us who are afraid of saying “No”, there is something that holds us back to say no. Many fears keep popping off the lid and do not allow us to give our refusal. But you know what this is not a healthy sign to not give yourself a right to choose between yes and no.
You must give it a thought that what is wrong in saying no to others? Are you afraid that in result people may start disliking you? They might discontinue meeting with you?
Usually these types of conflicts turn you so shaky and reluctant that you start considering it a sin and eventually you become a “yes boss” type person. But you might not aware of the fact that by practicing it deep inside you are getting hollow. It’s because you are suffocating yourself but it’s never too late; learn to say NO if you are busy and can’t show up somewhere. Without any hesitation say NO if you don’t agree with someone’s standpoint because you have your own and you are firmed at it.

2. Afraid of making commitments

afraid of making commitments - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine

It is also a sickening habit that destroys you by being afraid of making commitments. It’s a kind of responsibility that you feel afraid to carry so you find a handy way to escape by not taking it. This is not healthy in any way. Talk to yourself louder in front of a mirror and talk as you are debating. Take any thought and start convincing your own self. This will boost up your gusto and you will learn how to take a stand.
Drop the act and be bold to take responsibilities whether its about accepting a new person as a friend or its about accepting a proposal. Get ready to cherish the novelty in life.

3. Not valuing your own time

not valuing your own time - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
Don’t get yourself too busy that you can’t give time to your own self. Everybody needs a break so you must entertain yourself either by spending time with your buddies or take a lonely walk at beach. It’s really important to keep yourself entertained and happy. Don’t live a life like being a machine or a robot. Be a human and have fun when it is needed make time for it and cherish it.

4. Thinking about the toxic people

thinking about toxic people - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
Sometimes we spend out precious time in thinking about the jerks of our life; the ones who have been toxic to us. We find ourselves totally helpless to stop our self for thinking about them. Ask yourself what do you get in result by thinking about them? This is a pesky little habit that doesn’t let you make the most out of your valuable time. So stop torturing yourself and surprise those toxic bullies by showing a new YOU. It won’t go down to their throats trust me so get the best out of you and by stop thinking about the negative persons find a positive bunch of friends and be with them so they can add fuel in you.

5. Gossiping

gossiping gif - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
If you are really into this then trust me you are spending your time sitting at a heap of rubbish and discussing this rubbish with others. How much time wasting it is to first picking up holes in others and then discussing it with others by adding some extra spice and needless futile information in it. At the very first place this habit is against ethics; instead of throwing light at others flaws why don’t you pan out about your drawbacks? Think about your demerits and start working at mending your own ways for the betterment of your life.

6. Being a couch potato

copy couch potato - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
Watching a goggle-box all the time is like a grave sin that hinders your intellect and integrity. Its ok to spend a little time watching your favorite movie or show on TV but don’t become a permanent part of couch. How about spending time at any other indoor activities like playing some puzzle games? It’s a perfect exercise for brain that detangles your thoughts and consume your brain at right place.
If you have any habit that have been mentioned above then start working on eliminating it before it destroys you armed you self to destroy it and live a healthy and normal life.

7. Not stepping in something new

not stepping in something new - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
You won’t take the real pleasure of life until and unless you throw yourself at adventures. Don’t afraid of trying something new, stop being a boring soul and always stay active and energetic in experiencing new things in life. Either it’s a matter of adapting a new style of fashion or embracing a new relationship. If you will never try you will never learn. Don’t deprive yourself from these delights of life. Is it the slightest thought of failure that holds you back? Failure is always said to be the first step towards success so why fearing taking the first step towards your victory? Chin up and do ahead do it fast!

8. Choking up your opinion

choking up your opinion - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
choking up your opinion

Don’t ever cork up your views either positive or negative. For the positive stuff obviously you will say something positive but for the negative why feel hesitant say it out that yes this is wrong? Condemn it without fearing anything. Don’t obsess about people’s liking and disliking; people must accept you as you are don’t give them your strings to control you. You have your own set of thinking and those who agree and accepts you then warm welcome to those and the ones who don’t then say FINE to them with a big smile and leave them behind they are not the oxygen of your life.

9. Forcing yourself to mould for others all the time

mould for others - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
That’s really rubbish to have this habit of moulding yourself all the time for others. Why? Are you a puppet? By turning yourself according to others is an easiest and quickest way of getting yourself distorted. So stop vitiating your personality and break that mould into thousand pieces. Build up yourself in a way that inspires others to become like you, start making up your own decisions, it won’t actually increase your self-respect but also make you mentally strong to make your own right decisions. Don’t afraid to be what you want to be just be who you are and if any change is needed in you then it should be only you who have to decide about this change.

10. Self-pity

self pity - 10 rubbish habits you must kick off from your daily routine
Self-pity is such a nuisance that must be avoided. If you are into this habit of always feeling yourself miserable then tear that cocoon of misery and see all around you that how people are tackling with their life issues and you are not the only soul who has been in a tough time. Time doesn’t remain the same it goes away so you need to understand that you are not living in utopia where you can expect a pixie dust to sort out all of your miseries in a moment. Wake up and jog your mind; make it plan out for the hitches of life. Be strong and stop taking pity on you don’t chicken out.


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