Interviews do amuse every age group as in a short time span you can get to know a lot asking them different embarrassing or funny questions and at different perspective about a certain person. It is always humorous to ask funny things from celebrities and getting honest reply in return.

Such type of questions gives you a wider picture and they are more entertaining as well. We have talked about funny job interviews and asking humorous questions from kids. Let’s talk about a list of questions that are unusual in nature, interesting and weird to ask from celebrities or know personalities. Just go through the list and get amused by imagining what if you get a chance to ask these questions to any celebrity of your choice.

Some funny interview questions for celebrities


  1. How sneaky were you when you were a child?

Such type of questions pulls out the hidden truth sometimes from a person, asking him how devious and tricky he used to be in his child. He can expose some of the very interesting facts about him.


  1. If you had one airplane, what would you name it?

Well there are many hilarious names your favorite celebrity can name such as ‘I won’t crash’ or ‘Crashing in a while’. Keep imagining the wonderful replies.


  1. What the most idiotic and useless purchases you made so far?

Sometime you happen to make silly or needless purchases and after getting them bought you realize what the hell you have just done! Celebrities tend to be rich and ritzy so there is a slight chance of buying sometimes a rubbish thing.

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  1. Do you sometimes feel that the fame and honor you have got is more than you really deserve?

By asking this question an interviewer can get a flashy slap on his face. Joke aside but this question can determine the stamina and the amount of humbleness that celebrity has in him/her.


  1. If you get caught in any trouble whom you will rely to help you out?

Real friends are not those who have joined you at your best, real friends are those who was and who have always been with you at your worst and at your miserable time. But when one is at some special peak of his life and he gets accomplished many achievements then there are many who would love to join you but the point is who could stand by you when such fair-weather friends leave you? We have also gathered a list for funny questions to ask friends so you can also check that to have a quality time.


  1. What is the best thing in your closet?

A closet of any celebrity will be having a smorgasbord stuff, where to spend all that huge wealth? Obviously at shopping so there will sundry items, why don’t you ask your favorite celebrity what does he find best in his closet? May be his goggles or wrist watch!


  1. What amount of greediness is there in you?

A greed for wealth, a greed for comforts is in man’s instinct, now the amount of greed may vary from person to person. So, get to know about your dear favorite celebrity by posing this question and see what volume of greediness is in his disposition?


  1. What’s the most rubbish habit of you?

No one is perfect we all have merits and demerits in us, there are some habits of us whom we really find irritating but we can’t help about them. Celebrities are too normal human beings who also go through this, pose this question on him/her as what is that habit whom he finds really rubbish in him. There are some who can’t the heat are you amongst them?


  1. Did anyone ever say that you are a fashion disaster?

Usually celebrities are taken as a fashion icon, people follow them, what they wear and how they carry it becomes the part of latest trend. Despite that there are few celebrities who are often pointed out as a fashion disaster. So ask your desired celebrity if he is ever told by someone that he is fashion disaster, if so then what was his/her reaction, you can also show them their funny photoshopped faces available on internet to check their reaction.



  1. If you were an animal then who would it be? and why?

A type of weird question I agree but start assuming the replies then this question will turn into an interesting one. Isn’t it? Imagine a celebrity may reply he would like to be a hippo who rests in muddy water, or he would like to be a cat so he could just eat and sleep all the time.

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  1. If you were a flower? What would you be?

Not all the flowers are beautiful for your kind information, there are so many kinds of flowers all around the world that are so unique and weird in their appearance, even under seas or in deep woods where hardly a ray of sunlight dares to enter, such flowers are a real apology for Flowers. Anyways coming back to the point what kind of flower your favorite celebrity be like? a delicate lily and lotus, ever charming bud of rose or may be a lady of the night!


  1. What would be your reaction if you will be told all of a sudden that at that very day is going to be the last day of your life?

Aww sounds terrifying, lets see what would be the reaction of that beloved celebrity of yours when you will pose that question. A thought-provoking question will get a thought-provoking answer I am sure!


  1. Is that really true that you are a sleepwalker?

Such question doesn’t go down their throats, ‘Excuse me, I am not a Sleepwalker’, or you can get a reply like ‘I don’t like taking a walk while being awake then how come I can walk during sleep’.


  1. Spend 24 hours with the person you hate most or you have to take a walk in public wearing flashy and jazzy turban over three piece suit? Have to choose one

Yes here comes the hair-pulling one, some people’s hatred tends to be so strong that they can go to any lengths in order to keep that person at bay. So you never know your desired celebrity may go for the second choice of taking a walk in public with a jazzy turban over his head.


  1. what can you do to build friendship among dogs and cats?

It is seen widely that the terms between a dos and a cat aren’t good, both can’t stand each other, what if you ask the celebrity that after all he/she is a star so what influence he/she can make in building good terms between a dog and a cat?

  1. What is the worst thing about your co-stars?

What a spicy and sizzling question? Or shall I call it a mouth-watering one? Professional jealousy can ooze out the truth but diplomacy can veil it too, so let’s see what kind of reply you can get.


  1. Don’t you feel irritated wearing wig all the time?

Another tickling question coming your way! How he would feel when all of a sudden you would tickle him/her by doubting at her original hair as a fake one. You could get a punch on your face I guess. Rest you can tell better after getting a reply.


  1. Is that true that you are leaving your field or carrier and migrating to another country on permanent bases?

Well funny question can be of any type, the celebrity and reader/viewer of these questions will get amused so there is nothing wrong in spreading smiles and laughter amongst others. So, let’s make them amuse one more time by inquiring this that after all why he/she has decided to leave the carrier and moreover migrating to another country permanently?


  1. You are again getting married?

Before you get a reply from the celebrity I am sure the spouse of that celebrity will make him/her answer this question more quickly! Aren’t you smelling the rat?


  1. How was your experience in jail?

Was it adventurous or awful? ‘Shut up I have never been into jail’. Well we were just asking and were trying to di deeper about you.


  1. What is the name of your pet? And what is your pet name?

They won’t be similar for sure so kindly lets us know about you and your pet’s name. fans have the right to know such valuable information about their beloved celebrities and stars.

There are much more hilarious and funny interview questions to ask from celebrities, such type of questions spice up the conversation. But it will be wise to make it clear at the very out-set that this interview is going to be a humorous one so take all that will come to you in a light way.

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