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Funny Disadvantages of being Famous – Cons for a famous Person

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Many of us dream of being famous and to get that peak of stardom on which we see the famous celebrities. We actually see the one side of picture so we don’t know the hidden story and the disadvantages of being famous.

We admire their living style, the ritzy clothes they wear and the luxurious life they lead and above all there is always sea of people who want to see the glimpse of the renowned celebrities. But there are so many cons for them as well because this is what normal people can do and they can’t do:

We might don’t know that as we admire their life they too have something hollow in their lives they admire some of the aspects of our lives. There are some things that they can’t perish. Despite being immensely rich and wealthy there are few things they can’t buy.

Disadvantages for a Famous Person

  1. You can’t dress up the way you want

Famous people do miss the casual things a lay man enjoys. They can’t dress up funny and ordinary life other people. Such as you can go out in whatever the casual dress you are wearing there wouldn’t be any spy eye of camera observing you secretly to capture some pictures of yours. But that’s what a famous person can’t enjoy because strong tabs are kept on them secretly and that’s really pesky little thing.

  1. You Can’t Own Yourself The Way Before

That is the same when you are away from home abroad or somewhere else. When you get famous at the beginning you want to get noticed you really enjoy when you see others eyes are recognizing you and discussing you. But periodically this thing starts suffocating you sometimes.

A lay man is free to enjoy his-self, he has no issue in owning his own self but when it comes to the eminent personalities then the scene gets totally changed. Its because apparently it seems that you have become a public property every minute or mighty thing related to you comes under a spotlight. So you have to be extra careful all the time and that’s what really sounds exhausting.

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  1. Can’t Take Walk in a Rain

Although they are happy and they move on with their wonderful life but what a lay man immensely enjoys freely without spending even a penny is a pleasant weather. For instance rain is falling now no matter what your age is that’s the thing everyone loves to enjoy, walk in a rain is so delightful but being famous its damn hard to get the taste of this.

If you will step out for taking a walk in rain there would be a flood of people around you and you will disappear in this tornado.

  1. Can’t Enjoy a Cup of Coffee Calmly in any Tea Garden

That is the saddest disadvantages of being famous because these tiny things but of great value to get the things that makes you happy, sometimes it happens that the people who have hit the stardom miss such tiny things. They want to grab a cup of coffee at any tea garden that has a no-frill ambience and surroundings but they can’t do so. As they can never get away from being in news all the time and when their enjoyment is at stake.

  1. Cant Roam Around Needlessly Just To Enjoy Yourself

Privacy is the core thing that is missed desperately by the people who are renowned. We as lay men don’t always go out for a specific purpose, sometimes we go out just for a change, just for outing or to just for observing the things around us.

But if you are famous you can’t do this at all. It’s a sure bet that you can’t needlessly roam around just for a change because paparazzi keeps following you like your shadow and don’t let you live the way you want.

  1. Window Shopping Holding a Cup of Ice Cream

Oh there is a great fun of doing a window shopping as you move from one to another look and discuss every item praise it,  picks holes in it and then moves to another shop, isn’t it interesting. Well no harm in doing so if done not so often.

But the rich and famous people who have all the pricey stuff at their homes cant have the prestige of doing window shopping. They are deprived of this blessing of a lay man, imagine Tom Cruise roaming in Mall doing window shopping..WOW!

  1. No Leisure Time

What we have in enormous amount is leisure time, well its not so that an ordinary man has nothing to do rather the life of an ordinary man is very tough and struggling but still he manages to get a time that is a leisure one but when you are like anyone who is anyone is in the clutches of plans and even for having a leisure time goes according to the plan and timetable. So you can’t deviate this and really miss the pursuit.

  1. Can’t Trust Anyone

For an ordinary man its not such a big problem to rely on someone as we have good social circle of loyal friends whom fidelity cannot be doubted. But when you are famous then you can’t trust easily on anyone. Though you get a stardom, richness and recognition by thousands of people but amongst those thousands of people you will hardly find a person whom you can trust on.

  1. Lack of True Friendship

When you are famous your numbers of fans are immense but it doesn’t mean you have gotten great friends too. Rather there would be nothing wrong in saying that famous people are the loneliest ones. As it is said a crowd is not a company so that’s hundred percent true. Your social circle changes when you get stardom you have lots of new people in your life who spend a great time with you but later their friendship proved to be a fair-weather friendship. So then you really miss the true friendship.

  1. They Miss their Old Me

At the very threshold of popularity you enjoy being in a limelight, you love that you are hitting the headlines. You love being captured widely in magazines and TV shows. But gradually you start missing your “old me”, the one who used to enjoy his private life without any hurdles.

The greatest dilemma is that the issues like of divorce are discussed widely by everyone and that’s really annoying.

  1. Don’t have a Normal Life

The life we admire of the renowned persons is not normal at all. It’s because the journalist and media persons all the time keep poking their nose into their privacy and make them feel so peeved and fed up. They desperately miss the normality of life, apart from the richness and high-profile life style a concept of “normal” life is missed deeply.

So hence proved that fame is not such a great thing to be desired because it deprives you from many ordinary little happiness of life and where there are so many pros, there are so many cons as well of being a famous person.


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