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Foot Shape telling truth about your Personality

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Human nature is always in love and curious about him and his life. The wildness of mind cannot be a prisoner so it travels here and there as the only food it wants is knowledge and information. It seeks for knowledge, it wants to discover about all the things whether related to him or others.

In ancient time the source of getting information about one’s future was either palmistry or astrology. These two sources are still believed and trusted by millions of people.

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It is said that the shape of your foot have also something to tell about your personality. It includes the shape and length of toes and fingers. Through this you can peep into your personality more deeply.

Let’s see our foot shape telling us about our Personality

If you want to discover something more about you and others lets not keep yourself on hold any more and see all the foot-shapes and their quiddities.

foot shape personality 1 - Foot Shape telling truth about your Personality


1. Egyptian Foot 

If your foot shape is like the Egyptian one then you probably have the following qualities:

  1. You are moody
  2. You like being in a solitude
  3. You mostly like being anonymous.
  4. You are conscious about your-self and don’t welcome anyone to peep into your personality.


2. Roman Foot

Well it is said to be the most common shape as mostly people have roman foot of shapes. If you think your feet are also like this then lets see what does it say about you:

  1. You are approachable
  2. You are forthcoming
  3. You have an amiable nature


3. Greek Foot 

Well in Greek foot shape your finger after toe will be the biggest one amongst the rest. So lets see what does Greek foot shape has to reveal:

  1. You easily get sentimental
  2. You are skillfully artistic
  3. You can be a guiding spirit to many


4. Germanic Foot 

In Germanic foot shape almost all the fingers are of the same length and toe will be the bigger one. The qualities of Germanic foot are:

  1. You are so affable and likable
  2. You are a staunch supporter of ‘live and let live’
  3. You receptive and open-minded
  4. You are a sensitive soul


5. Celtric Foot

In Celtric foot you have your third toe and first toe are of the same length almost. Now see what it says about its owner’s personality:

  1. You are acquisitive and aspirant
  2. You are fun-loving
  3. You are easy-going

All these traits that are given to the certain shape of foot is the result of some certain studies and it directly links with our nature. These studies determine that how a length of toes and fingers can reveal some facts about one’s personality.

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