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Corny Gym Pickup Lines For Fitness Freaks

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The gym is a great place to work out if you can’t afford one at home. It is also a great place to meet new people, socialize and have fun. During your work out sessions, there are high chances that you might see someone interesting almost every day. Breaking the ice can be very difficult especially if you are the shy and quiet type. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. We have selected some great gym pickup lines to kick-start your conversation with anyone without coming out as creepy.


1. Can I spot you?

corny pickup lines for gym freaks - Corny Gym Pickup Lines For Fitness Freaks

The good thing about this line is that it makes you look like a caring and romantic person. Spotting someone is common at the gym and they won’t feel offended if you try to offer some help.


2. My trainer advised me to come and talk to you about part of my routine.

trainer advised me - Corny Gym Pickup Lines For Fitness Freaks

This line is bold at its best. It shows that the other person is good with their work out and it’s a natural complement. This will make them be more curious and join in the conversation.


3. Can you teach me how I am to use this machine?

can you teach me - Corny Gym Pickup Lines For Fitness Freaks

If you are new to the gym and you want to get the attention of that ripped guy or gal, this line can work perfectly to break the ice. But if you two are regulars at the gym and you have bumped into each other before, refrain from using it as it will make you look too predictable and awkward.


4. I hear you’re thirsty? Well, I’ve got a six pack right here!

I hear you’re thirsty - Corny Gym Pickup Lines For Fitness Freaks

This Fitness pickup line demonstrates your self-confidence, and confidence is sexy. Getting the attention of that lady by flashing those packed abs of yours can be a real deal. It doesn’t sound rude or creepy but shows that you can be silly and open.


5. You make working out look good and easy.

easy workout - Corny Gym Pickup Lines For Fitness Freaks

This compliment will make that guy or lady be more confident and possibly willing to flirt back with you. It also makes you seem like a cool person and more approachable. In no time, you can be working out together.


6. Do you mind helping me close this bracelet?

Do you mind helping me close this bracelet - Corny Gym Pickup Lines For Fitness Freaks

When working out, you are going to sweat a lot and you can have problems trying to close that bracelet firmly. Your hands might be slippery and you will often need a second help. Reaching out to that gym guy that you admire and would wish to start a conversation with using this line will work wonders. This will make him get close to you and notice your ripped figure. Don’t be shy ladies and make that first move.


7. You are really a work-out beast. Can I get your jersey?

You are really a work out beast - Corny Gym Pickup Lines For Fitness Freaks

This line tells the other guy/lady that you have been noticing them and you would really love to know them better. It sounds really flattering and you can follow up with the conversation by asking for their name as it will likely come out naturally.

If you are confident with each other you can use other lines like, “Have you tried the new lifting class?” or “There is this really awesome trail that is good for hiking, we could go together,” if you would like to take them on a date. Whatever your choice of a pickup line, make it really simple and relevant to your sessions. Don’t use demoralizing quotes like, “You are doing that wrong,” or perverted lines, “You have a nice body”. This will make you look creepy and people will start to dislike and isolate you. With these tips, you will be able to make your gym sessions fun. GO make yourself proud today.

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