A young child carries a huge mind as his imagination has no limit. It’s beautiful, wild and hilarious at the same time. You might have experienced asked funny questions from kids and getting a funny answer in reply. You never know what you are going to get from that little one. You must know about the imagination of your child, kids are said to be the mimic and imitator of their parents.

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One must spend a little time with kids, you would love their observations and insights. Consume a short span of time to get yourself entertained by asking some interesting questions to kids, it’s a sure bet that the replies and answers you will get in return will make your day, put aside your whats app group and Facebook fever and taste the real zeal and zest of this lovely conversation.

Funny Interview Questions to ask kids

There is a laundry list of interesting questions you can ask to that naughty brain and then get amused by the hilarious answers

  1. What would you like to be in your future?

A child’s mind mostly keeps on thinking about this point, he has a clear picture of his future in his mind. Though that Future picture keeps on changing on daily bases. As sometimes he feels like becoming as an astronaut and some day he feels like becoming a magician who with his strong poof will make his school and study disappear.


  1. What kind of superpowers you wish to have and why?

 Oh yes their favorite questions, just pose this question and all the hidden superman, bat man, iron man bla bla bla will start oozing out from their skin. Their expressions will speak volumes and that will be the best part of it!


  1. If you were a giant whom you will eat or whom you will terrify?

Longing wish of every child almost! You never know they can even name you so be careful. Their innocent yet out-spoken thoughts will be really a treat to ears. Most of them will probably to terrify their elder siblings or their classmates who bully them daily.


  1. What is the funniest thing you find about your parents?

I guess this answer will be the most amusing one, you never know what tickles their fancy so the answers could be UNPREDICTABLE and funniest one. Maybe he could reply that everything is damn boring about them. Yes, don’t be surprise he is child and you can expect all the unexpected stuff from him.


  1. What is the most annoying thing about your school?

Obviously, the things before and after RECESS are the most annoying things for a child, but do ask this question as you can come to know about something important, may be in this way you can come across about any weak area of your child where you need to put effort for making it better.


  1. Suppose your 4 wishes can be made true, so what will you wish for?

A child’s wish list is usually un-ending, but you can facilitate him by asking him to just narrow down the list and tell about the most important ones. He will strain hard to scan the four wishes, maybe a toy, a new video game or an access to YouTube, maybe beyond all this so keep digging down!


  1. Whom you are afraid of? 

There is a possibility that when you will ask this question then there will be many kids who will first try their best to leave an expression of being so bold that they will say they aren’t afraid of anything. But then they can expose what is that thing that scare them? An exam? Darkness or what?


  1. What do you do to overcome your fright?

Here you will see the height of innocence, you will be told about the troubleshooting measures they tend to take. Do enjoy that little story of a young fighter!


  1. Leaving a pocket money for one month or to not to be able to play your favorite video game for a whole month? Have to choose one

What a cruel world is out there! Imagining a life without pocket money or without playing a video game, are you serious? Blow their minds and get the beautiful responses.


  1. Whom do you hate a lot?

On this planet there must be someone whom your child may think a waste of space, so inquire who is the one whom he/she finds really odious and then try to figure out the reasons too, may be you can give a better idea or solution.


  1. Do you enjoy being a kid? or you just want to grow up faster?

The greatest illusion of childhood is that being a child it feels that life will be flawless when you will grow up but when you grow up you realize that it was your childhood that is eligible to call flawless. the burden of your school bag is much better than the burden life puts on your shoulder when you grow up. Ask your child what does he think about being a child, how much fun he has in being a kid?


  1. Describe your mom in five words?

Ask your child to tell about her mom’s personality in five words, the words that can describe her fully and wholly. Lets see what your child says about you, how he sees at you.


  1. If you will be given a chance to meet any celebrity whom you will meet?

This is one great questions to ask kids, all the children would definitely love to meet the heroes of their games, the cartoon characters, maybe to their favorite wrestler, if it will be you and I who had to reply this question then obviously our replies will be like “Tom Cruise’ or ‘Chris Brown’, but a child’s thinking is entirely different so discover about his favorite celebrity.


  1. Which is the most rubbish day of your life and why?

Sometimes even a huge thing doesn’t affect a child and sometimes he gets upset at the minute stuff too. What is trivial to us can be very disturbing for him or her but we fail to realize at that time. So off and on do ask your child such things too that have they come across a day whom they found the most futile one, if so then why?


  1. If you happen to take a ride on unicorn where you will fly to?

Unicorn doesn’t need to be tanked up with fuel and petrol so a trip to the world on a unicorn will be the best idea I guess. Take your child’s opinion and get to know about his thoughts.


  1. Do you think there should be schools in heaven?

I am sure when you will ask this question to your child then he will look at you in a way as you are twisted and definitely need to take a rest. Schools in heaven? Oh please go to hell.


  1. Do you feel difficulty in remaining serious at serious situations?

Well there are many who can’t remain serious in serious situations, the more the seriousness will be the wider and louder the giggle could be. This is the problems amongst some elders too, it’s not merely confined to children.

Ask your naughty one if he is amongst them too?


  1. How many working days should be there in a week?

Not even a single one obviously, go get a brain!


  1. Why there are different heights of humans all around the world?

In some regions of the world people are tall heighted, somewhere some have average heights, there are some who are short heighted. Pose this question to your child and see what his minds brings about this?


  1. What is that meal or dish you think your mom shouldn’t cook as she ruins it?

Your child can be the source of improving your cooking, so do ask him and assure him that this answer won’t disturb or hurt you at all. You can promise to become a better cook in future, think high!


  1. Who is more good looking amongst your parent? Mom or Dad?

Ask your child whom he finds more attractive between you and your spouse. You could be the lucky one or he can also tell you straight away that both of you needs to work on your looks and appearance, take the opinion of that little expert!


  1. How much hours should be spent in studying in a day

By asking this question you can get to know how much he would like to be inclined towards his studies. There are very few who are book worms as majority wants to live a normal life. So let’s get to know whether your child is a book worm or a normal worm?


  1. What is that thing that can turn on your mood

Ask your young one whenever he feel down or short-fuse then what is that thing that can trigger his mood and bring back the spark of smile on his face. A rise in pocket-money? Or a new toy?


  1. Why Moon is of white color?

Every child has a different answer in his mind for this question, he ponders often that what makes the moon look white and bright. To some there can be a big size battery fitted in it that makes it look so glowing or may be moon daily drinks a cup of milk and that’s the only secret of its glowing skin.


  1. Which animal and bird are your favorite one?

Eventually you will end up in agreeing that a child is beautiful mystery to discover and for that one must spare a specific timespan for his young one, it is very vital for his better upbringing. Its not just your child who will enjoy having interviewed these questions by you, rather you also enjoy to know about the fancy and intelligence of your child. There will be many aspects you will fine new and interesting about his personality.


  1. Have you ever seen a flying saucer crossing by your room window?

Its not just the elders that are found and curious about flying saucer, the children also love to discover about it. Ask your young one he will tell you how many spaceships pass by near his window on daily bases.


  1. Do you understand the language your pet utters?

Whether your pet is a dog or cat or a bunny keenly observe your child when he spends a time with his pet and see how he interacts with the pet. You will see him talking to the pet in a way as he understands each and everything about him.


  1. What is that word your mom frequently uses?

Honestly speaking such type of questions will polish and trigger the delicate and colorful fancy of your child. Your child will tell you about the things that even you aren’t aware of.


  1. Sing your favorite song

Don’t you want to hear a melodious song from your little singer? It will be worth-listening do listen to it, it’s a sure bet you would love that lullaby.


  1. Where do you reside?

Of course, at home, what a silly question! Come on ask it out and get the weird yet very interesting replies.


  1. Where do the birds sleep?

May be in a child’s mind it’s the bunk bed where birds go to sleep with warm and cozy rapping sheet all around them. Only a child can answer this question beautifully and perfectly.

These open-ended funny interview questions are said to be the ideal way to figure out what your child think, through this you can mend the weak areas and you can get to know about his inner spark and priorities.

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