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Benefits of Crying – Is it good to cry alot ?

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benefits of crying and is it good to cry

There are many misconceptions about weeping. Amongst us there are few who hold back others from shedding tears as it is a sign of weakness. Whereas it’s not so! It is totally a goof misconception about crying. It is the act of NOT TRYING that is called weakness. There are so many benefits of crying and it makes your heart so lighter and after weeping you feel better yet your problems are unsolved!

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There are many perks of weeping that will ameliorate your inner and outer! So let’s not on hold any longer and see why you shouldn’t forbid yourself from weeping.

1. There is nothing wrong in weeping

At the very first place you need to make yourself understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong in weeping and it is really good to cry a lot. If you are feeling a burden on your heart then just burst out! It’s fine to do so. Those who think it’s a weakness let them live with this fake concept. Don’t hold your tears flush them out! By not crying you slowly but very steadily harden yourself. One has to be sensitive for others and for himself as well.

2. Weeping is not an act of a coward

Don’t think wrongly that weeping means you are trying to chicken out. No rather it’s just the first step towards your own betterment. If you will hold your emotions and will not allow yourself to weep then you are ruining your emotional health. So be brave and take out all what is in the casket of your eyes. You don’t need anyone’s approval to cry, do you? Eyes are your caskets and it’s your right to take the pearls out.

3. Weeping will bridge up you with your well-wishers

When you feel like crying and start weeping then you find a bond between you and your well-wisher. It bridges up you with your near and ones. Someone who will come to wipe your tears can also suggest something good that could benefit your problem too. When someone pats at your shoulder and consoles you then but natural you feel relieved. So one of the benefits of weeping is that it somehow also brings your near ones more close to you. It will make a your bond even stronger with your husband when he would wipe your tears and he would start sharing and confessing those things he can never does.

4. Weeping will eventually makes you look up to your matters

When you weep it makes you ponder about your problems more keenly and you eventually enable yourself to think neutrally on your problematic issues. So by crying you will never feel yourself feeble rather you feel stronger. It takes a great courage to open your heart and let the fury out through your eyes in a form of tears. Why a conqueror couldn’t hold his tears when he holds a trophy in his hand? Is it the sign of weakness ABSOLUTELY NO! rather its symbol of joy and strength, authenticity and purity. There is no melodrama in it. It is what it is so there is no harm in embracing it!

5. Once you are done with weeping you will feel lighter

Shedding tears is the process when you start healing up yourself. It is proven scientifically that one type of tear is an emotional tear and when you shed it out the hormones of stress get reduce and frustration also releases through tears that is why after weeping one feels quiescent and calm. So the act of weeping plays a healing role; it works as an ointment. When you try to cease it and cork up your emotions then emotionally your health gets affected.

6. After weeping the machinery of your mind will work even better

That’s very true that when you let yourself cry then your mind and heart gets in to a harmony and they are ready to float with a new fresh start. It’s because through weeping you moderate their burden that they were carrying in a form of rage and fury. So if you love your life and want to live a healthy life with a sturdy mind and heart then you must keep yourself emotionally sustained by relaxing yourself through shedding tears.

7. Weeping will bring back you in life

When for a very long time span you keep holding anger and grief in your heart then you are literally tormenting yourself. Your mind remains in a constant pain because it gets overwhelm by thinking, cursing and regretting you are not giving it an exit to let go. On the contrary if you weep then you actually revitalizing your-self; you are bringing your-self back to normal. When someone dear to us departs from us we can’t help crying and after crying we feel relieved as something really has given our hearts a good amount of tranquility.

8. After weeping your emotions will incentivize something positive and electrifying

Before weeping our thoughts keep tangling with uncontrolled fret. This condition doesn’t let you focus on anything because when your mind is constantly demented with all the bothering aspects how can you concentrate? So better to weep so your emotions can incentivize and finally you end up being a positive and electrifying person. It is human nature no matter how much hardships life brings; how grieved you feel at the loss of something but periodically you get yourself back into a normal routine and that’s what life is!

9. Weeping is damn good for eyes

This will definitely amuse and surprise you a lot. Weeping is good for your eyes, how come? Let me make you understand tears aren’t merely a watery tunnel of your eyes. The tears are the valves and through these valves you discharge agitation, anger, stress and anxiety. You take yourself out from the state of tizzy by shedding tears. No matter what type of tear is coming through your eyes it’s beneficial in any way. Tears basically keep your eyes lubricate and all the toxic stuff and it reduces the stress hormones.

10. Shedding tears will also shed off the grief too

The act of shedding tears takes you out from the state of regretting. Sometimes many of us keep repenting and want to do something undo and this silly thought doesn’t let us do anything in a right way. This is when you are at a breaking point and you can give yourself a sigh of relief by letting yourself cry. Once you are done with crying it will make you look back and you will laugh that you wasted your energy on regretting because through weeping you retrieved your energy and courage to move on so people it is good to cry, right ?

11. Tears are the signs of authenticity

Tears are never fake they are the signs of authenticity. You weep because you so terribly miss someone so how pure you are! You weep because you tried but you failed, your tears are the proof you struggled!

You weep because you couldn’t control your joy so tears come out from your eyes, tears show your true emotions what your words couldn’t have shown! So isn’t it tears the sign of authenticity.

Tears are said to be the slice of life and after looking at these benefits of crying you don’t need to forbid yourself from crying. Why to forbid? Are we inhuman? Are we so mechanic that we are restricted to not to cry? Tears are the sign of humanity, sensitivity, strength and actuality.


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