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11 Benefits and Advantages of being Average Looking

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When we say about someone that he/she has average looks then it doesn’t mean at all that they aren’t good, we are not yet aware about the benefits and advantages of being average looking. So there has to be no complex at when it comes to discussing about looks of others. The clear head’s opinion is the solid one and that is beauty is in the eye of a beholder.

By knowing we will also be able to get ourselves convinced that neither we are perfect nor our lives; there is always something lacking, one man’s loss is another’s man’s gain. So what may looks perfect to you may be it won’t be of high value for someone else; according to the agreed standards a face seems attractive when the right and left side of the face is in fine symmetry and it can be assessed by drawing line at the center of a face. It is not only considered as a sign of beauty but also considered a sign of good health. And it is one of those things we must kick off to think from our daily routine.

Here we are going to know about some of the great rewards and benefits an average looking person cherishes and receives. So let’s put aside this hold up and proceed towards the perks and little rewards  simple and average looking person have:

Benefits of Being Average Looking

  1. People take you as you are

It is highly important that people must take you as you are. Average looking person enjoys this bliss as his actuality is not doubted. To others he is “Real Thing” that keeps that SHOW at distance and displays authenticity. Moreover its not just you who is taken as he is rather even others too feel comfortable around you.

  1. You are considered “Genteel”

The simplicity of your looks tends to make others feel that they can read your inside too. You are not in cocoon and you are not wearing any superficial skin on you. People don’t find you bossy nor you are treated like a decoration piece.

  1. Your hard work and skills are appreciated

Average looking person is usually very hard working and never tries dossing around from doing a work. He knows that its devotion towards work that is going to be counted so he shows a great vigilance and get a huge applause from others. People whole heartedly appreciate him and that is the reason he stays energetic all the time.

  1. You are hardly confronted with biasness

In a work place an average looking person has an edge of not being confronted with biasness. It’s because the person who is your boss is of the same gender as yours and if you have a very attractive face then but natural that boss will get envy and feel some sort of insecurity from you. But being an average looking person you will be treated fairly without any prejudice.

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You are considered trust-worthy Psychologists created a scale of faces, ranging from unattractive to attractive, and found those around the half-way point were rated as the most trustworthy.

  1. Dirty eyes don’t follow you

This is one great relief honestly! An average looking person is safe from the gazing and staring eyes of hooligans. He/she doesn’t have the threat of getting examined deeply all the time. Especially this is for ladies who have average looks; you can enjoy the freedom of wandering around with the assurance of ‘no dirty eye is at you’.

  1. Your loyalty is not considered fishy

People sometimes find beauty as something deceptive. Behind a pretty face can be an arrogant person, can be disloyal and shaky in terms of fidelity. Whereas an average looking person is taken as someone totally loyal and faithful. His loyalty is never doubted by anyone. According to the evolutionary psychologists people rely on average looking person than on a pretty face.

  1. Good ethics and confidence makes an average looking person highly phenomenal

Benefits of being average looking persons is that this person is not given rude and cold remarks whereas he/she is appreciated because of his simple and genuine looks. Simplicity itself is a style many believe at this point and they admire that if average looks go with the blend of decency and good ethics then that person looks phenomenal!

  1. You stay away from hidden fire of envy

The biggest drawback of being attractive is that the people around you are not most likely to show their true colors to you. One way or other they carry malice in wild hearts for you as you remain the center of attraction so they feel neglected and humiliated thence they envy of your looks.

On the other hand an average looking person has a social circle of well-wishers around him/her, no one gets jealous of him rather he is appreciated by his talents and skills.

  1. You tend to be more friendly with people who are below average looking

An average looking person knows how to deal with ones who are below him in terms of looks. He is good at making people feel comfortable and appreciate them for what they are not How they look!

  1. An average looking person is skilled at paddling his own canoe

An average looking person knows and understands that because he/she doesn’t have extra ordinary lf looks to stay in limelight or to get favors so for getting something in any walk of life he enables himself to paddle his own canoe as at the behalf of his merits and skills!

  1. An average person has a good partnership

An average person enjoys the truthfulness in every walk of life whether it’s a working place or commitment in a relationship he is genuine and he receives genuine mostly! He knows that his/her partner has chosen him/her for his qualities not for looks; he is ok with his average looks and embraces him whole heartedly. An average person knows that his partner doesn’t get dazzle by every ornamental face and this is one of the best advantage of average looks.

Your looks don’t have to determine your success it’s your inner abilities that determine and decide who you are. Elegance and decency are acquired things that can be achieved and acquire by anyone it’s not the personal asset of a pretty face!

No matter how you look you are beauteous for you’re the ones who truly love you for who you are!

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