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14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

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health and skin benefits of honey

There are so many amazing and great health and skin benefits of honey that we can’t even imagine. Honey is said to be the great blessing of nature and we must cherish all of its benefits either nutritional ones or the medicinal ones. Honey cures and heals up all sorts of ailments as it contains healing properties.

Its not just the present era who is aware of the benefits of honey rather since the ancient times honey is used and considered the valuable asset of nature. Every generation passed on this natural bliss to his next generation and up till now even after the advent of immense scientific progression its users have been found throughout the world as science and research have admitted too the supreme healing efficacy of honey.

It is also a replacement of sugar but it is not just confined to that honey is not just swallowed or taken as in your diet but it is tremendously beneficial for skin as well, when you mix it with banana and apply it on your face it does wonders to your skin. These are not merely a vain boast because these tips have been tried and tested so many times. It can be said deliberately that honey is a complete make-up for your skin.

Honey contains the following properties in it:

  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids
  • Trace enzymes

Besides that an excellent amount of minerals are also found in it such as calcium, iron, sodium chlorine, magnesium, potassium and phosphate.

Health benefits of honey

1. It cures the allergies

cure allergies with honey - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

There is a tiny amount of pollen in honey and that makes it heal the allergies. It sounds really interesting as how one’s immune system receives the signal of that pollen and prepares itself deliberately to fight against it. So get your immune system super strong by taking a one tea spoon on daily bases.

2. It makes you get-up-and-go

heart 865226 1280 - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Honey provides you such a mighty amount of energy that your energy level picks up the speed and make you active and energetic!

It palliates the effect of low energy and restores your gusto. So if you feel really hard to wake up every morning then a little amount of honey will be just the ticket to keep you awake!

3. It sharpens your mind

honey helps making your mind sharp - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

One more of wonder work of honey is that it makes your mind mentally strong,  and and makes your memory a photographic one. So not to worry as honey will do this for you as it contains an ample amount of antioxidants in it that will feed your brain what it really needs to make your memory a sharpie one!

All you need to do whenever you are intended to take a cup of tea then just add a tea spoon of honey it your tea. Mix it well and consume it, that’s it! Make it your habit in order to enjoy a healthy memory.

4. It keeps the cough at bay

sore 726012 1280 - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

The itchiness in throat is a real annoying thing to suffer so don’t let yourself get along with it any longer and treat it with honey without any undue time lapse. The creaminess of honey treats the roughness of cough as an ointment. Along with the benefits of honey, there are so many benefits of lemons as well and we sometimes use lemon with honey for many useful purposes.

So for curing cough you need to prepare a syrup of honey, lets see how can you prepare it.

Things you need:

  • Lemon
  • Raw honey


  • Take a pint of honey and warm it in pan.
  • You have to keep the heat low.
  • Take another pan and boil the lemon for 3-5 minutes
  • Make sure that honey shouldn’t be get over heated as the effective curing properties that it contains will lose its efficacy.
  • Now put that lemon after it gets into a normal temperature into the pan of honey.
  • Leave it for one hour simmering after that strain that concoction and place it any flask or bottle.
  • Keep it in fridge; whenever you feel the need of taking it then you can take one table spoon per daily for 30 times a day.

NOTE: do not give this concoction to infants!

5. It prevents cancer

honey is good for treating cancer - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Because of the healing properties of honey it helps in fighting against a dangerous disease of cancer. Take raw honey on regular bases just a little amount of it and that would be sufficient to keep cancer at bay.

How handy it is to prevent from a horrible ailment just by taking honey, so cherish your health by taking honey.

6. It makes you sleep calmly and soundly

honey helps better sleep - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Majority of people face this problem of lack of sleep or not have a quality sleep, they are unable to sleep soundly. Due to the lack of sleep your health suffers in many ways as you are unable to wake active; you lack energy because you feel drowsy, sometimes lack of sleep can cause you a hammering headache. So put this series of troubles to an end by taking honey.

Honey gives a rise to insulin level in your body and it further fixes that chemical in you that assists you to slumber. Just take tea spoon of honey and you are done.

Have a sound sleep from now on!

7. It treats sinus

honey helps in treating sinus e1505829897749 - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Honey helps in kicking off the bacteria that can cause sinus infection as it also mentioned in this article. For decreasing the symptoms of sinus you need to take 1 tea spoon of honey on daily bases. In a short time span you would see sinus at bay.

8. It treats your gum disease

honey is good for gums - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Along with many uses of honey, it contains immense amount of antibacterial properties that can very well protect and guard your gums. The nasty plaque bacteria can be treated by honey.

You need to follow a simple and easy procedure in this regard:

  • Dilute honey in water and use it as a mouth wash
  • Now take a little amount of honey and rub in on your gums and teeth well.

Rinse off afterwards and wait the wonders to happen!

9. It treats eczema

honey for eczema - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

In eczema the outer layer of skin gets inflamed and further it turns your skin flaky too. Honey can also treat eczema and for this you just need prepare a simple home-made remedy.

Things that are required:

  • Honey
  • Cinnamon (optional)
  • Lemon


  • Take one glass of warm water and add one tea spoon of honey in it.
  • Take half lemon and squeeze it in that glass and consume it.

10. Keeps the cholesterol at moderate level

honey helps in cholestrol control - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

The excessive amount of cholesterol in your body can invite many health issues as it has to be at a moderate level; too much of it can be alarming!

Honey doesn’t contain even a grain of cholesterol so just take the same concoction of mentioned above juice of half lemon, cinnamon (couple dashes of powdered cinnamon) and one tea spoon of honey; mix all this in a warm water and consume this mixture.


Benefits of honey for skin

The benefits of honey are not just confined to it rather it goes beyond this bucket list; honey is said to be the best make-up for skin. Lets have a look how much wonderful honey is for your skin:

11. Get rid of itchy scalp

honey helps in itching - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Having an itchy scalp is so pesky and unavoidable; you can’t help scratching madly when that itches occurs so get rid of it by using honey. You can add honey in any hair oil or you can dilute it in water too in order to lessen its adhesiveness and then apply it all over your scalp. Let it stay for some hours lets say for 3 hours after that rinse off your hair and scalp. You will feel a big difference as your hair will be tangled free and scalp will have no itchiness. You can repeat this twice a week for desired results. It wont only treat you itchy scalp but will also keep hair moderately moisturized.

So for beautiful locks use honey!

12. Worried because of the burns on your skin?

skin burns - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Honey forbids the bacteria to spread as it contains antibiotic properties that prove to be a great hurdle for bacteria.

Just apply a little amount of honey on the affected area of your skin and then you will find that wound get disinfected.

13. Get your skin moisturized

honey moisturizes your skin - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Honey is super fantastic for the beauty of your hair, face, hand and foot.

Tip: Always keep your foot clean and care for it’s beauty as that is the first things people notice. Read More About what your foot shape tells you about your Personality.

If home-made remedies are really your article of faith then you surely can get the best out of it.

For keeping your hands, face and feet moisturized and soft then you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Take one empty bottle and pour 5 table spoon of honey
  • 5 table spoon of rose oil
  • 2 cups of almond oil
  • Shake it well

A wonderful moisturizer is ready to make your skin glow and to keep it moisturized! You can use it anytime.

14. Kick off all that acne

honey helps treating acne - 14 Amazing health and skin benefits of honey

Acnes are the disastrous creature for every one especially for ladies as they are too much concerned about their appearance and beauty and acne is such little monster who distorts the beauty of your face.


  • Apply honey at the affected area and leave it fot half an hour.
  • Rinse off with luke warm water.

Spending a pile of money for buying beauty and skin products is not a very good idea, besides that it upsets your budget too. So save money for rainy days and be wise enough to use honey more often as it has so many benefits for our health and skin.

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