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Things you miss when you are away from home

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It is said that there is no place like home but when you experience it then you understand it well. You miss all the comforts of your room and home while especially you happen to stay at someone else’s house. No matter at how comfortable place you are at but you are so used to of the place you live in that you cant help missing the four walls of your room.

1.  You definitely miss your wardrobe the most: 

Your wardrobe is a little world of yours where the things you need are kept and sometimes we don’t even want a thing from our cupboard then still we peep into it needlessly and aimlessly then we shut it back.

2. Lying on a bed and missing your soft fluffy pillow: 

When you are away from home it feels really bad going to take a nap without your pillow….

3. You definitely miss your favorite corner of the room:

“A favorite corner” does not come under the banner of creature comforts. But still you miss it a lot.

4. Yours t.v and your favorite channel: 

watching tv gif
source: tumblr

How difficult it is to digest the boring program which is not of your choice and you have to watch it because its not your home.

5. Living without your washroom is like taking a soup with FORK:

Using someone else’s washroom is one of the biggest tasks to do. How much we hesitate to go to other’s washroom as we will go there then a zombie will come out from the wash basin and eat you up.

6. That socket where you get your mobile charged:

source: Giphy

 It often happens when you are away from home.



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