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18 Things man would never confess before his wife or girlfriend

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There are so many things a man never reveals before his wife or girlfriend and that is totally natural. It happens with girls as well, there is always a private phase in your life which you can’t share with your wife or girlfriend.

Lets see some things which a man would never confess before his wife or girlfriend.


1. Men are not interested in shooting the breeze sometimes with you ladies

man is not in a mood of having chit chat

Sometimes a man is not in a mood of having chit chat with you by sitting in a porch with a cup of coffee. It means he wants a cup of tea without your chit chat. It is not always the case but whenever he feels so he never confesses it. May be he knows that he will have to pay back after unveiling this fact.


2. A man sometimes enjoys the silence so your silence is not a punishment for him

man enjoys silence

It is natural to have a difference of opinion so whenever man happens to get bicker with his girl and then there is a silence between them then a man does enjoy this silence a lot, as he doesn’t have to be bound in the bedroom and no compulsion of watching the emotional movies with his girl. So all he is left to do is a real high-jinks of sleeping in a cozy couch and watching his favorite shows. His girl is in a bad mood then, but he feels so relaxed, goes out talks to his friends, answer their calls in a funny way which makes them clear that he is away from his wife.


3. Sighs and cries of woman makes man feel embarrassed

crying woman makes man embarrassed

When a woman cries or whenever she sighs then man doesn’t show it but this really embarrasses him a lot. It makes him feel really uneasy but he puts a lid on it and doesn’t show.


4. Man despite having a wife/girlfriend always stares other women (how mean!)

man always stares other woman

Oh that is so mean to know that man despite having a girl friend or wife what makes him stare at other woman? UNFAIR!!!


5. Second thoughts regarding your (girl’s friend) pops up in man’s mind

boy staring girlfriends friend

It is one of the uglier things man hides from his girl or wife and that whenever they happen to get fought then during the SILENCE of their fight man couldn’t help thinking about the girl who is his girl’s friend and sometimes stalks her on facebook and her edited photoshopped pictures which looks hot. What if your girlfriend comes to know about this?


6. Men also have an emotional side

emotional man

Yes that’s true that its not that men are always a brick wall and they don’t have much to do with feelings. But yes they are not corny like women, men also sometimes get overwhelmed and they weep too.


7. Man dislike the played drama of girl’s supremacy

dramatic girls

Man really appreciates the originality of women. He wants pure stuff without drama. Through your actions he wants to see your uniqueness, to him your vain boast doesn’t carry a weigh.


8. Man sometimes wants to have a tender patting on his shoulder

man needs a shoulder

May be it is the stereo type thinking of men to present themselves as their nerves are of steel. But the inside story is that man sometimes really wants to have someone who may console him and support him emotionally.


 9. I never want you to get a beefy physique

This keeps tugging man’s heart that his girl should remain smart, how hard it would be to praise a beefy physique. So this is also hidden by man as it is vulnerable to expose that he doesn’t even want to imagine you as a fatso.


10. Man gets at a boiling point when he sees his girl standing with a man

When a girl stands with another man gif

It makes his hackles rise when he sees another man talking with his girl. He never shows it but he really wants to cut it out.


11. Sometimes a man lies by saying “I MISS YOU”

fake i miss you

Man doesn’t miss you dear lady sometimes, when he says I miss you then at times he actually means he doesn’t miss you at all, rather he has plans for spending the time without you with great zeal and zest.


12. Your immature and self-indulgent behavior annoys men

annoying girlfriend

Man tolerates the immature behavior of woman with great difficulty because it’s really pesky little thing to afford all the time this silly sort of behavior. But somehow man pretends to stay calm.


13. Sometimes we aren’t in a lovey-dovey mood

non romantic boy

May be woman nine out of ten times expects her man to come up with a rose in his hand but man doesn’t expose it that he is like to hell with rose. Sometimes he wants a simple plain treatment without any fancy without any romance but he puts a lid on it!


14. Man never shows his ignorance on a particular task

i can do it gif

To man its like an ego-trip that he never confesses when he finds himself unable at some particular task, such as even if the car got stuck and he doesn’t know what to do to get it started even then he will roam around with a note in his hand that says “I can do it”.


15. He doesn’t like much about the girl to be way forwarded

It surprises a man in an awkward way that why woman is so forwarded in making plans for next 5 years. If any man eagers to meet you at some park or anywhere then according to men she should stay normal Rather than over thinking about him and planning to make him meet with her parents.


 16. A man can also be a CHICKEN

Yes why not? Isn’t he a human? But honorable MAN why don’t you confess it? Man can be scared of anything such as of spider, heights or darkness. But look at this smarty-pants he doesn’t admit it before his girls. What a drama!


17. Man gets annoyed while watching an emotional movie with his girl

According to men a girl hardly takes a second in start shedding her tears while watching an emotional movie so it’s a big boredom and waste of time to do so. According to him its just a movie no need to be melodramatic, eat pop corns, enjoy and let him be enjoyed too.


18. Shopping phobia of woman is purely senseless to man

What is the point of roaming around in different shops? That’s what looks totally senseless to man but he dares not to confess it in front of his girlfriend. But his mind all the time tossing about it and gets annoyed because of her shopping phobia. When the day finally comes that she is not intended to shop anything then just then she starts telling the perks about window-shopping and that’s when a man feel like pulling his hair but all he is left to do is to be yes boss!


There are some of the things man really wants but he would never confess in front of his wife or girlfriend.

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