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Funny images of stupid clothes worn and displayed in modeling

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In modeling big brands display their costumes , jewelry and other products . some of the stuff really click the heart but some of these funny clothes boggles the mind that in real life WHO WEARS THIS WEIRD THING??

1. There is a girl hanging behind the FOREST of hair:


Can you figure out what is this? I mean its beyond senses. Please never try this hair style in you otherwise you wouldn’t be acceptable anywhere except in FORESTS.

2. Oh gosh, bomb blown in a girl’s head:


Neither you need a special comb or a scissors for this type of hair style all you need is a bomb of low POTENCY and keep it in your hair.

3. An easiest one:


You  can have this hair cut at your own. Take any scissor of any size but make sure it should be out of order then hold the scissor in your left hand so things can be done more clumsily. That’s it now you are done how perfectly you made an IMPERFECT hair cut!!

4. A SHORT CIRCUIT hair style:

funny short circuit hairstyle

Oh again very handy to make it. It seems that you need to get your fingers wet and then simply poke them in a socket..you will feel a jolt. It means you finally got this hair style!!!

5. Wow there is MOUTH grown amongst moustache and beard!!!

unny moustache image

Isn’t it surprising how skillfully he grown a mouth amongst the bushy hair of moustache and beard. What a masterpiece.

6. Beary costume coming your way:

There are 4 faces attatched with a costume. Three bears and one a miserable girl. Who some how get caught amongst pack of bears.

She is also hurt from the corners of her eyes. Poor she!!

7. She herself doesn’t know how she happened to get stuck in an oval box :

funny modelling picture-tickletick

I am wondering if wearing this costume she may have too travel through bus…how she will manage to step in the bus…?

8. Somebody bitten her frock:

funny clothes

How beautiful it could look if not bitten by the dogs…. Such  flairs spoiled by the holes made in it. If I were in her place I surely have shot them dead.

9. This girl is wearing an army camp!!         

Hilarious dress

is it the girl wearing camp or is it the camp carrying a girl ? very tricky very difficult to understand.

10. A toaster costume:

funny costume

a toaster and bread..let them toast and then keep attaching them on your shirt. But don’t forget to keep the toaster on your head because it will make the bread more crispy and more tasty to eat.

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