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20+ Crazy and funny happy new year resolution ideas we should make

Crazy and funny happy new year resolution ideas we should make

New year night is the best part of the year when people are busy wishing their loved ones and making new year plans.That is the most exciting time for everyone, and the most importing things is the happy new year resolution ideas we all make, though we never follow them. Lets take a look at some resolutions we all make. …

Funny ways to answer the phone | How to answer the phone

Funny ways to answer the phone

It’s a great fun to opt for the funny ways to answer the phone, sometimes it’s a great delight to have fun by trying silly things when you are bored at home. Many people try this and for the next few hours they keep laughing by recalling what they have just done. So why not? Read this and get know at …

13 funny dog pictures with captions and words to make your day

angry dog picture

Lets take a peak at these funny dog pictures with captions according to these photos and their facial expressions that are so funny and you’ll definitely love these pictures. 1. When stranger tries to be forward to you and you are like Excuse me? Do I know you?   2. When you doubt at the loyalty of men, Are all men same? …

14 cute and funny monkey pictures with captions that will make your day

Almost all the people love animals, especially the cute and funny things they do. We live in a world where there are so many different kinds of cute animals which we haven’t even seen yet. Some people like dogs and we love when they make funny cute and innocent faces whereas some people like cats. We do get a chance …

12 Extremely Funny Interview Questions and Answers

funny interview questions and answers

  Many of us go through this situation while giving an interview we are asked some amazing humorous questions. At that time it looks totally pointless to encounter such situations because at the first place those funny interview questions sound so silly to us may be because we are not mentally prepared to answer the questions which totally seem irrelevant …

Funny images of stupid clothes worn and displayed in modeling

funny modelling picture-tickletick

In modeling big brands display their costumes , jewelry and other products . some of the stuff really click the heart but some of these funny clothes boggles the mind that in real life WHO WEARS THIS WEIRD THING?? 1. There is a girl hanging behind the FOREST of hair: Can you figure out what is this? I mean its …

This Photoshop Expert Is Trolling People With His Hilarious Sense Of Humor

These are some of the pictures from James Fridman, Photoshop expert with an hilarious sense of humor and how he trolled these people with him amazing photoshop edits. Amazing collection to tickle you. This girl asked him to make her and her friend look the same height.   This girl asked him to clean the stone wall and there he …

When God is in a funny mood

These beware of dogs signs are too dangerous for these dogs


Famous celebrities getting funny photoshop effects on their faces

Meet Mr.Bean Lisa holding a bear toy looking so decent.                                                                                                     …

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