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Funny ways to answer the phone | How to answer the phone

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It’s a great fun to opt for the funny ways to answer the phone, sometimes it’s a great delight to have fun by trying silly things when you are bored at home. Many people try this and for the next few hours they keep laughing by recalling what they have just done. So why not? Read this and get know at some of the hilarious ways to answer calls and let’s pick up your favorite way to make yourself and to the person you will call or from whom you will receive a call.

Lets see at some funny ways to answer the phone

1. Act like a delivery man

Door to door pizza delivery, no business is big or small”

Act like a Delivery Man

How about acting like a delivery man, the moment you pick up the call start speaking

The person on the other side will be blank that where the hell he made up a call. So let him be confused and carry on!


2. Hold some one up by directing him to speak after “beep”

Hi this Simon please start talking after the beep”

speak after a beef - Funny ways to answer the phone | How to answer the phone

Even by imagining this is so funny how actually it would be to do so. Well lets not hold up your amusement and see how it is done

Which beep and when it will be heard you know very well but your caller must be feeling awkward and wondering that what’s going on after all?


3. Lets be a horrible movie now

“But I have told you to hide the body behind the dense bushes”

Hide the body funny call

By speaking in a deep and firmed voice you can get your caller real goose bumps, so if you have seen horrible movies then you just have to act accordingly. Just after picking up the phone don’t say hello and go like this

Can you imagine what will happen to your caller after listening this; his heart will start beating like a drum.


4. How about giving the touch of SUPER NATURAL

I am getting the feeling as I am again possessed by a Demon”

super natural funny way to answer the call

This also has been tried by many as it is full of fun so add some ingredients of super natural in it and say in a rough voice

Whether we show it or not but we all are afraid of demons and super natural powers, so whoever will receive such a call will be slack jawed for sure.


5. The number you have dialed..!

The number you have dialed has not paid the bill from now on you will charged for the calls made by this number, Thank you”

The number you have dialed funny call

This is said to be the most common and frequently tried trick yet hilarious to do so. Either someone calls or you make a call all you need to do is to

Well this call neither will terrify nor will surprise the caller rather the caller will end up abusing you.

Enjoy the music dear!


6. Shout at the top of your voice

“Pick up the call after hearing the hello from the other side just shout at the top of your voice and then say politely YES HELLO”

shouting on call

Now for this one get yourself ready for giving a belly laugh after making this call. Your caller will be cursing the moment after attending this call. So get ready

Your caller would definitely like to punch you hard.

7. Be my friend

“Oh please be by friend, I am all alone I want company and then start weeping”

be my friend gif

It will work as a real teaser as at the very first place you will act like a sentimental and by being too forward say


8. Have you arranged the money?

“if you have arranged the money I demanded then come at the place I told you and and take your family back safely”

have you arranged the money gif

Real drama ahead, how about acting like a kidnapper? You just need to act like a real bad and a professional kidnapper.

Well that’s so criminal seriously!


9. Keeping him await

“Yes hello? Please wait for a while!”

make him hold - Funny ways to answer the phone | How to answer the phone

It’s a simple old trick done by many; one more little way to annoy and surprise your caller. So lets see how

And this while will be unending!


10. A call from a fish market

“Hello it’s a fish market, star-fish speaking, can I help you?

call from the fish market

Muster up all your talent and acting skills as you are going to make the silliest call ever. So lets see how it goes

Your caller will make you understand better that what kind of a fish you are!


11. Cut the cackle

Say a nice decent hello and start laughing madly, HuHu – HeHe – HaHa”

madly laughing gif

It is said a day without laughter is a day wasted so put it this way that a call without laughter is a call wasted. So pick up your call and answer it by laughing madly.


12. Hello Its rain-man speaking

“Hello its rain-man speaking, the youngest brother of sand-man”

rain man speaking

How about answering the call intense foolishly? You may have heard the name “sand-man. So proceed further like this

No need to get surprised people have answered the calls like this we are just showing a bucket list of the ways of answering the calls.


13. Note down the code

“Note down the codes of bomb”

note down the code of bomb funny

It is such a damn grave way to answer the call who ever will attend this call will start shivering with fear.

Aww how mean and how criminal! Isn’t it?


14. Call from a hospital

“It’s a children hospital, you hurt them we heal them”

funny hospital call

Have you ever received such a hilarious call?

Very rhythmic call indeed! You can also say it out in a more melodious way by singing.


15. Let me call you back

“let me call you back, I am stuck in my bed watching movie”

i will call you back

What a great way to annoy others by answering the call in this way. Act as you in a great hurry and you don’t have time for anything.

Ok ok so that’s your business?  You will surely be beaten by the caller later.


16. After twelve I turn into a dog

“Don’t say hello, say it out as the dog barks, Woof Woof”

I am a dog

How about turning into a wild dog? All you need to do is to bark louder.

Take out all the wildness from inside and give it a say! The moment you will bark the caller of yours will show his wildness to you.


17. Call from admin office

“It is to inform you that you have been dropped in semester on the bases of  Low grades”

low grades

How about passing ugliest information to your caller? Think of answering a call by presenting yourself a caller from an admin office of college


 18. Speak in a girl’s voice

“And say that i love you

boy screaming on call

If you are a man then for taking a full zeal change your voice and speak in a girl’s voice and say “i love you” or propose someone. Be creative and think how a girl speaks, you can also use Deadly terms women use such as “it’s not working anymore and at what pitch she screams!

It will definitely blow the ears of caller, but he would also attract towards a girlish call of help!


19. I am the flash back of world war 2

“Hello I am the last survivor or world war II, how you doing?”

funny world war - Funny ways to answer the phone | How to answer the phone

Someone mentioned once that he happened to receive a call that was an absolute fun to attend such a call.

Well this call will definitely receive a big slap from the other side.


 20. I am cute you are mute

“Hello hello Customer service, I am cute you are mute, pay some hoot”

Customer service funny call

Oh yes its time to play with some rhyming words in a tuneful way. So imagine you are answering a call like this:

Response of a caller is unimaginable; will he be wondering? Or he might be thinking that his line got connected with mental hospital.


22. Hello can I talk to donkey?

“It’s a call from zoo, monkey speaking, can I speak to donkey please?”

Can i talk to a donkey

May be a little drama is still left to watch and that is about a call from ZOO. Not getting it? Here it goes

Imagine you receive such call, what will be your reaction? I think you will do what the monkey has told you to do!


Well that is how people sometimes use these funny ways to answer the phone, it’s a matter of fun purely so no offense and stay cool. Rather enjoy answering such calls. It’s a kind of break from the usual boring calls of day to day.

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