9+ funny photoshopped pictures with captions

funny photoshop picture 1

1. What is the point of snatching his dearly thing?   2. Drop the act you dramatic dumb   3. I found this pea-brained head on a floor   4. Oh my god just look at him   5. Hi guys! JEALOUS HUH? what doubly good looks I have!   6. Asking about my intellect and wisdom? Well let me unveil the secret …

Dont Drink and Drive

Dont drink and drive

Why do you take me to walk ?

funny diet picture

Same thing

love or cocaine

She is always right

funny women quotes

Who is alarm?

Funny Girlfriend

She must be busy

Relationship goals

13 funny dog pictures with captions and words to make your day

angry dog picture

Lets take a peak at these funny dog pictures with captions according to these photos and their facial expressions that are so funny and you’ll definitely love these pictures. 1. When stranger tries to be forward to you and you are like Excuse me? Do I know you?   2. When you doubt at the loyalty of men, Are all men same? …

14 cute and funny monkey pictures with captions that will make your day

Almost all the people love animals, especially the cute and funny things they do. We live in a world where there are so many different kinds of cute animals which we haven’t even seen yet. Some people like dogs and we love when they make funny cute and innocent faces whereas some people like cats. We do get a chance …

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