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14 cute and funny monkey pictures with captions that will make your day

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Almost all the people love animals, especially the cute and funny things they do. We live in a world where there are so many different kinds of cute animals which we haven’t even seen yet. Some people like dogs and we love when they make funny cute and innocent faces whereas some people like cats. We do get a chance to see monkeys too somewhere in the middle of the roads and there are so many interesting facts about them. They are cute and funny creature which we all love and laugh at the funny things they do.

Lets take a look at these funny pictures of monkeys with captions:

1. You think monkeys don’t take bath in Jacuzzi?

funny monkey taking bath
source: 9gag

Diving, drinking and sipping these three in sophisticated Jacuzzi.

2. When your guest is too quick to finish the served food

funny monkeys eating
source: commentsmeme.com

And you wonder how one could be so deliberately crazy for food.

3. A messy class room in the absence of teacher

Group of funny monkeys

What a clear and perfect picture of classroom without teacher.  Teacher will about to come you lazy bones stop gossiping.

4. Love birds

Monkeys in love
source: favrify

Oh they must have been met after a long long time maybe that’s why cuddling up tight. “Ss the dessert misses the rain so I miss you”.

5. My prayers are with you son

monkey and cat
source: 1funny.com

Before interview taking well wishes from elder one. 

6. Yes its weekend finally

funny monkey laughing

Yes dear finally beloved weekend has come I am ready to receive it with great razzmatazz.

7. Come here you naughty boy 

When you get caught by the most horrid boy of your class

monkey teasing other animals
source: Pinterest

Oh come here let me pull your ears you naughty one.

8. Will you be my valentine

funny animal couple
source: Askideas.com

Trust me honey you are the first and last monkey came in my life, now you are the owner of my life.

9. Be attentive students principal is on round  

When your teacher warns you to sit properly as the principal is on round

funny group of monkeys
source: Pinterest

No mischievous behavior especially you the back benchers, be very good class.

10. Salary-paid employee

funny monkeys
source: http://www.nmgncp.com/funny-monkey-wallpapers/4894262.html

At the last week of month. Oh yes that’s what happened with the poor salary-paid employees the whole world turns into a doom when there are still seven days to go in getting a salary.

11. The moment you realize you got C grade and your friends got D

funny monkey screaming
source: Pinterest

What happens when your friend takes lower grade than yours. It’s a moment to celebrate indeed.

12. When you luckily catch the remote control before your brother

monkey teasing picture
source: Pinterest

Oh yes , got it you loser!

13. The moment you realized you forgot your mobile at home

funny upset monkey picture tickletick - 14 cute and funny monkey pictures with captions that will make your day

And the frosting on the cake is the security code wasn’t even on when you leave it at home. Oh my God I can feel the terror in my bones. Poor you!

14. When you keenly glance at the served food in front of guests

Cute funny monkey image
source: http://www.awesomelycute.com/2014/04/these-cute-animal-moments-will-make-your-day/

And you restlessly wait to leave so you can rush towards the leftover of snacks and cookies. Come on guys leave so I can allow my inner beast to come out.


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