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20+ Crazy and funny happy new year resolution ideas we should make

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New year night is the best part of the year when people are busy wishing their loved ones and making new year plans.That is the most exciting time for everyone, and the most importing things is the happy new year resolution ideas we all make, though we never follow them. Lets take a look at some resolutions we all make.

Funny New year Resolution ideas


1. I won’t lose my senses while eating pizza

wont lose my senses while eating pizza - 20+ Crazy and funny happy new year resolution ideas we should make

There are such pizza lovers in all over the world that there are many who lose their control when pizza is kept on the table. So this is one funny yet mature resolution to be made on new year that you won’t get mad at pizza not matter how cheesy and yummy  it looks.


2. I will start studying and stop pretending

i will study hard
source: Tumblr

Its for all those students who doss about, so let’s not stick with that ad bring some positive betterment by really studying than just of playing a fake drama. Be a hard working student; be promising with your studies and get the best out of it.


3. I won’t get jealous by glancing at the other girl who looks smarter than me

girls getting jeolous
source: confusedsandals

This could be the real test of your patience and the chances are you will lose, sorry to say but that’s how it is expected. When you are beefy and a delicate girl passes by you will you able to praise her whole heartedly without letting a grain of jealousy comes in your heart, big deal isn’t it?


4. I will smilingly tolerate my nosy co-worker

source: Giphy

It’s a hair pulling resolution indeed, because if you have one nosy co-worker then for tolerating him with a smiling face really required nerves of steel. So happy to you co-worker you will be received with a big smile now!!


 5. I won’t abuse my boss

be good to boss - 20+ Crazy and funny happy new year resolution ideas we should make
source: Tenor

No matter how strongly you dislike your boss but how about making a resolution that you won’t abuse your boss in his absence. So boss no anger no rile!


 6. I would do the dish wishing with my wife

wash dishes with wife
source: Giphy

Oh great so here you are determined to fulfill the dream of your wife. Good job! Prepare yourself for wearing an apron and start practicing to wash dishes.


7. I will give damn to smoking

quit smoking
source: Imgur

Seriously? Do it please rather make it snappy. Smoking is such a abuse so don’t ruin your health and quit it. Make a resolution that this year you are going to give a damn to smoking and will be in a rosy health.


 8. I will laugh at the jokes of my friend who tells absolutely rubbish jokes

fake laugh at jokes
source: Tenor

There is always one friend in your group of friends who is fond of telling jokes but its damn hard to pass even a smile on the type of boring jokes that he tells, so how about making him happy this year? Make a resolution that you will laugh louder on his intense boring jokes.


9. I will not throw my socks and other stuff on floor

mess on floor
source: gurl

Messy boys its specially for you, isn’t it hard for you to daily sniff your stinky socks and check whether they can be worn for the second or third times? Come on no more mess please, make one prim and proper resolution that you will be a good organized boy who will daily wear a clean washed pair of socks and will not throw his stuff around.


10. I will finally tell my girlfriend that her taste of dressing is disastrous

girlfriend wearing ugly clothes

Before making this resolution make sure you take the proper precautionary measures as it could be highly risky. Your girlfriends can make your head split. Though you love her, and she loves you but still be extra careful while you are on your way to surprise your girlfriend by your resolution of the year.


11. I will not snore from now on

i will not snore
source: giphy

If you are married then your spouse will be at ease if you will act upon this resolution; seriously snoring is such an annoyance and nasty little thing to bear. It just ruins your slumber. So if you are that person who ruins other’s sleep by snoring louder then think of making a resolution of quit snoring!!


12. I will SERIOUSLY go to gym – No more putting off on tomorrows

wont skip gym
source: www.xameliax.com

Lazy bones that’s for you, so lets put a full stop on more delays and make a strong resolution that this year you will seriously go to gym and will shape up your shapeless physique. 


13. I will not lie any more to my kids that I was a brilliant student

i will not lie
source: squarespace.com

Being a parent the more truth you will display the better and ambiguous result you will get from your kids. So this year drop the act and share your good bad experiences of student life with your kids and motivate them that they have to go to an extra mile unlike you for becoming a good student.


14. I will let my younger bro hold the remote

remote tv control
source: msecnd.net

A trivial sort of war is always going on amongst siblings as the t.v will be his who will occupy the remote first.

This resolution is not less than “party time” for the younger brother as he will be given the prestige to control the vast world of t.v.


15. I will unfriend my whole friend list

unfriend whole friend list
source: newscred.com

Oh how exciting it sounds, isn’t it? Experience the novelty of unusual happenings. You will receive the rag bag of reactions by your family and friends. The first and very expected reaction would be like “Are you twisted or what?”


16. I will not hide my real age

wont hide my real age
source: hollyrichmonddotcom

Especially ladies it’s for you, on public profiles or while visiting a doctor some people do not reveal their actual age. So how about making a resolution that this year I will mention my real age whatsoever happens, damn with what the world will think!


17. I will spend more time with Mom & Dad than by staying out

spend more time with mom dad
source: giphy

That’s would be really a cute one isn’t it? May be that sounds a little boring but think of the two beautiful persons who would love to be with you, so hangout with them for a maximum time and make them smile this will surely cherish your time too.


18. On the last day of December at 12:00 sharp I will switch off my mobile

switching off mobile phone
source: giphy

When the activity and festivity of New Year will be at height then how about making a resolution that you will switch off your mobile and wont answer anybody on phone enjoy the silence and peace around you?

Variety is the spice of life if this phrase is your article of faith then you must give it a try and make a resolution you never made before and experience the thing you never thought of before.


19. I will keep the volume slow – Also of my tone and of my music too

shouting out loud
source: fantoosy.com

This is for you “Loud speakers”, some people are habitual of speaking so loud they don’t speak at a low pitch even if they are told to do so. This case mostly implies on girls, who can make you shiver with their voice and the deadly terms they use.

And there are some rather many who enjoy the music at high volume despite knowing the fact how harmful it is for hearing. So guys lets make a wise resolution this year that from now on you will speak at low pitch and will enjoy the music at slow volume. Give some break to your ears, right?


20. I will not ignore my over friendly neighbour

ignoring neighblours
source: urbanlegendkampala.com

Some neighbors are in a habit of keeping a eye on the comings and goings of others that’s annoying I admit, but there are some neighbors who basically are harmless in nature but all they want is a good listener who can listen to their 1000 words stories. We often tend to avoid such neighbors. So lets not continue it in new year. Spend a little time with your neighbors as they are not less than a blessing although we face so many problems with our neighbours.


21. After eating I will not crash on couch and instead i would go for a walk

funny walk
source: iruntheinternet.com

Binge-eaters often do such silly things that just after eating they crash on couch, so lets discontinue doing this at new year and make a wise resolution that you will burn your fats and calories by walking rather than damaging your couch.


22. I will be a better person as I boast on Facebook

boasting on facebook

Many of us display great manners on social media where as in reality we many of us do not actually practice those great ethics in real life. So lets make a resolution that I will be a better person not just on face book rather in all the walks of life; I will practice virtue and honesty in all the ways.


So never forget there new year resolution ideas this year

Do not forget these ideas, and this year make commitment to yourself, follow all the good resolutions you will make this year, and about the evil resolutions, don’t worry you won’t follow them anyways.

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