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13 funny dog pictures with captions and words to make your day

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Lets take a peak at these funny dog pictures with captions according to these photos and their facial expressions that are so funny and you’ll definitely love these pictures.

1. When stranger tries to be forward to you and you are like Excuse me? Do I know you?

funny dog pictures
source: http://ilikr.net/top-30-funny-dog-faces-by-funnypica.com-64682.html


2. When you doubt at the loyalty of men, Are all men same?

innocent dog picture


3. Titanic flash back, Come back Jack come back

funny dog and kitten
source: Pinterest


4.  How fatty ones justifies their obesity: I don’t believe in looks and smart figure, I believe in the strength of character!

funny fat dog


5. I am her father, Talk to me first

angry dog picture


6. Big tough man: Life is tough so I am!

funny angry dog
source: http://go4moresecret.info/seofinfo-funny-angry-dog.asp


7. The moment of great delight: My boss slipped down from the stairs

source: bajirao.com


8. The moment you came to know about the dirty secret of your friend: So finally I got a bone to pick up you

funny clever dog
source: funnyjunk


9. When your wife is ready to give you a curtain lecture: We need to talk!

funny dog hiding under the table


10. When at the eleventh hour you are asked to spend extra hours in office, Seriously?

funny face dog
source: http://www.damianpuppies.com/tag/pictures-of-dog-faces/


11. When you return from office, There is no place like home

funny sleepy dog
source: dumpaday.com


12. Meet Macbeth’s lady: Yes I am lady Macbeth

funny kissed dog


13. The moment you are told the bitter truth: You look fatter than her

loving dogs
source: loopit


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