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20 Fun Psychology Facts About Love and Relationships

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It a gift for us from nature and no matter what, you always need it in your life, it make you feel important and there are so many interesting and fun psychology facts about love you all can relate.

1. Sorry big bellies women do not incline towards you

Big belly man

Psychology says that it has been observed and seen that women get more inclined towards physically smart men. The beefy structure of men doesn’t attract the ladies at all. Women really don’t like the bulging out tummy of men.

2. After 150 days a breakup is likely to take place

breakup crying funny picture

It is again an observation made by the study of psychology that it is a fact that when you are in a relationship with the person you love then with in the time span of around 150 days a break up once will hit.

3. Deep voice of men appeals to women

deep voice of men attracts women

Well the deeper voice of men carries a weigh than the men who possess high pitch voice. Now you will be thinking why well that’s what the dear ladies like, women tend to get attracted to the men who have a deeper voice.

4. Sharp and polished sense of humor clicks the women a lot

sense of humor picture

Sense of humor is the trait which is highly like sharp and polished sense of humor is highly liked by the ladies all over the world. The person who makes them laugh is liked by them a lot because the sharp sense of humor and wit are considered the sign of integrity and intellect.

5. Relationship of “just friends” tends to turn into an intimacy later

just friends relationship

In accordance with the studies of some psychologists there are greater chances of “just friends” relationship turning into an intimate relationship later. It’s because the opposite gender works as a magnet so sooner or later you tend to fall in love with your so called “just friend” type of friend.

6. Love makes your nerve grow

love makes nerve grow

When you are floating on love then it gives tranquility to your body and mind according to psychology, so this calming and relaxing effect causes to hike up levels of nerve growth.

7. Within few minutes you determine that you love someone

love at first sight - 20 Fun Psychology Facts About Love and Relationships

According to psychologists the time span in which you determine that whether you love that person or not. Within 3-4 minutes through your body language and impression you will reveal the fact that you like or dislike that person.

8. Smile attracts man’s heart

smile attracts man's heart

Smiles also leave an aromatic and alluring effect that’s what unveils the psychology about men. Women find the act of smiling quite magical in a way that when a man receives a smile from another side it tends to make him more attractive.

9. By holding the hand of loved one will pacify the stress

holding hands pacify stress

Well that is so true, it gives so much relief when you hold the hand of the one whom you love it makes you forget your worries and lessen the feelings of anxiety.

10. Loves makes it hard to walk away from the person who is in love

Cant leave love
source: Pinterest

It is an established truth that happiness roams around from its origin, if you are happy then the person around you will feel the warmth and delight of that happiness so that is why it is said that happiness is spreadable. Similarly the aroma of love tends to bound others, it is damn hard to walk away from the one who is in love because it’s a great delight to be around them.

11. What happens when the you look into the eyes of the person you love

Actress Katie Cassidy Winking
source: stupidgifs.com

The heart rates get harmonize and coordinate with each other because these two hearts love each other and this makes their heart beat synch up.

12. Love effects as cocaine

love affects as cocaine

Yes that’s true and this truth again unveiled by psychologists that the way cocaine effects your feelings and neurological system the same way your falling in love give your brain the exact sensation that is called euphoria. When you are in love then that sensation produces many euphoria-inducing chemicals and this tends to excite almost 12 areas of your brain.

13. Hugging to your loved one will release your pain and anxiety

hugging releives pain

If you tired, feeling done-up and weary then there is an easy solution to get rid of these annoying feelings and that is just cuddle up your loved one. Don’t consider it irrational or sentimental because cuddling up makes the brain release oxytocin and this assists in pacifying the intensity of tiredness and pain.

14. Glance at the picture of your loved one and let’s stop being a doldrums

Glance at your loved one

According to psychology by glancing at the picture of your loved one will make you feel so better and improved especially if you are unwell. It is something tried and tested by conducting an experiment; sick people were given and shown a picture of their loved one and it immensely and rapidly improved their condition.

15. When there is a love there is likely to have a pain too

pain in love

When you get to have a hard luck in love such as breakups, physical distance etc then all these traumatic and heart-breaking events literally cause a real physical pain in heart and this is called Broken Heart Syndrome.

16. Love gets mad first at pretty face than an attractive physique

20 Fun Psychology Facts about Love and Relationships

The study of psychology says that either man or woman they first get attracted towards a pretty face after sometime they consider the physique.

17. Gratitude arises the level of happiness in loved ones

level of happiness in love

When you express appreciation and gratitude to your loved one then this act of thankfulness arises the level of happiness in your loved one.

18. Be careful! Just by gazing at someone can make you love them

gazing at someone your love

Our eyes are the reflection of our souls that is why love can be traced out by peeping in someone’s eyes. So there is nothing unusual about the fact that when you glance at someone that makes him attract towards you or you can get attracted towards them.

19. In danger love remains safe

love remains safe in danger

According to the research that in dangerous situation love occupies the hearts more as compare to the ordinary situations.

20. Closeness makes the desire gets stronger

closeness make desire stronger

It is also said that distance makes the heart grow fonder; but this is also true that when you spend maximum time with your loved one that this closeness makes the desire of love more strong.

These fun Psychology facts about love sound so funny but these things are somehow related and experienced by us all for once.

Love plays a vital role in our lives, it is said that love is a beautiful feeling and experience to go through. It takes the best out of you and rips out the bad from you. As mentioned here, love is a Chemistry and it a powerful neurological condition like hunger or thirst. It is a set of emotions that includes every kind of behaviors and beliefs with feelings of happiness, care and protectiveness.

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