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12 Extremely Funny Interview Questions and Answers

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funny interview questions and answers


Many of us go through this situation while giving an interview we are asked some amazing humorous questions. At that time it looks totally pointless to encounter such situations because at the first place those funny interview questions sound so silly to us may be because we are not mentally prepared to answer the questions which totally seem irrelevant to us. This not only happens in job interviews as it can also happen during a t.v show with celebrities.

Whether you give interview at a firm or in an office, you will be asked such weirdo set of queries so lets a look and see if you can relate to your own experience and get amused!

Q1. What made you come here?

Answer. I just came to say hi!

It is a frequently asked best funny interview question which is asked at the very out-set that what made you choose their firm or office etc. when you encounter the first time to this type of crazy question then for few seconds you totally get blank what to reply that “why the hell I am here”. But natural an annoyed man sitting in your brain thinks that obviously you are here to do job or you just cam there to say HI!

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Q2. What thoughts were popping off in your mind while coming here?

Answer. Devilish thoughts!

Pesky thing again right? But that’s how the interviews are now-a-days. May be they want to see how witty you are to reply the unexpected questions. Anyways coming to the point now what happens to your heartbeat after listening this tough question. Well usually when you are going to give an interview that while you are in your way to arrive at the place where your interview will be placed then the thoughts which pop off in your mind are mostly like this I wish my interviewer don’t ask me anything mad to screw me up. I wish my interviewer get spell-bound after seeing my resume he straightly ask me what package will suit me instead of saying anything else. Now can all this be told to your interviewer that this was popping off in your devilish mind. Oh come on Mr. Interviewer devilish thoughts are not meant to be shared!

Q3. What if we approve you and after that you happen to win a lottery ticket of $5 million dollar then what will you do?

Answer. Of course I will kick out of my mind

Obviously, who will bother to be the nice obedient pet of someone if life is giving him a chance to have luxurious life. Buy a villa in plush area and forget the rest!

Now how tricky it is to answer such question.

Q4. What if we don’t approve you, what will be your alternative plan?

Answer. I will just leave cursing upon you sir!

Oh god what to answer on such a stupid interview question. Well I’ll just show my attitude to let him know we have many options, Right?

Q5. What advice you will give to your previous boss?

Answer. He must die for the betterment of his employees

Do you have any pearl of wisdom for your previous boss? He should come just at the pay day so his employees could work in a relaxed ambience.

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Q6. Within the time span of 3-5 minutes make me learn something new?

Answer. I will teach you how to avoid asking crazy questions while setting up an interview

Well how can you answer this, answers are many but the consequences could be horrid if replied as it is.

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Q7. What are your leisure time activities?

Answer. I like to think with closed eyes for hours by lying on bed

I think that’s the easiest question as compare to the rest. Because there could be more than one sophisticated answers to this.

Q8. What would you like to be when you grow up?

Answer. I would like to be an invisible punch

Well for leaving a good impression you can reply I would like to be better man. Then he can come up with another twist aren’t you a better man now?

Q9. Your one ability which is not mentioned in your resume?

Answer. I am skilled at abusing silently at someone without letting him know

To be honest what could the skill and ability to be told when it is not mentioned in your resume? Keep thinking!

Q10a. Are you a fresh graduate?

Answer. Yes.

Q10b. And with how much experience?

Answer. Well sir, i am a fresh graduate with 30 years of experience and some super powers. 

How senseless isn’t it? This is the top funny interview question,  such an interviewer should immediately visit a medic to get his mental health examined thoroughly.

Q11. Why are you wearing this dress/suit?

Answer. Because i thought this was one of the most funniest and stupid dress in the wardrobe so maybe you would get impressed and give me the job.

Q12. What animal you would like to be? If you could be

Answer. I would like to be an attack dog!

Well how busy the life is that we don’t even have time to plan our life as a human then how come someone thinks as what animal he/she wants to be.

Q13. Who seems better to you between spider man and iron man?

Answer. Either of them!

If you will choose one of the choices he gave then the chance is he will say why, so to get rid of him it is better to say either of them.

There are so many other times when you have to be smart to answer stupid questions that test your wit and patience that how abrupt and wise you are to reply tricky questions. Neither you can be blunt in replying nor you are supposed to be a piece of dumbness!

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