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20+ Crazy and funny happy new year resolution ideas we should make

Crazy and funny happy new year resolution ideas we should make

New year night is the best part of the year when people are busy wishing their loved ones and making new year plans.That is the most exciting time for everyone, and the most importing things is the happy new year resolution ideas we all make, though we never follow them. Lets take a look at some resolutions we all make. …

Funny ways to answer the phone | How to answer the phone

Funny ways to answer the phone

It’s a great fun to opt for the funny ways to answer the phone, sometimes it’s a great delight to have fun by trying silly things when you are bored at home. Many people try this and for the next few hours they keep laughing by recalling what they have just done. So why not? Read this and get know at …

Dont Drink and Drive

Dont drink and drive

Why do you take me to walk ?

funny diet picture

Same thing

love or cocaine

20 Fun Psychology Facts About Love and Relationships

20 Fun Psychology Facts about Love and Relationships

It a gift for us from nature and no matter what, you always need it in your life, it make you feel important and there are so many interesting and fun psychology facts about love you all can relate. 1. Sorry big bellies women do not incline towards you Psychology says that it has been observed and seen that women …

She is always right

funny women quotes

27 best fun things to do when you are bored at home


Boredom is something very annoying for all of us. You all happen to look for fun things to do when you are bored at home or sometimes at work and we don’t know how to kill that boredom. The longer you will be bored the more frustrated and angry you will get. It is said that that it’s totally up …

14 alarming and deadly terms women use which men shouldn’t ignore

Alarming terms used by women

It always sounds so sizzling to discuss about women and men. Both have their own nature and perspectives to look at different things by different angles. There is one funny question regarding woman that has been asked by many but remained unanswered is “why women don’t speak straight way ? There are some funny and deadly terms which women use …

Who is alarm?

Funny Girlfriend

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