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14 alarming and deadly terms women use which men shouldn’t ignore

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It always sounds so sizzling to discuss about women and men. Both have their own nature and perspectives to look at different things by different angles. There is one funny question regarding woman that has been asked by many but remained unanswered is “why women don’t speak straight way ? There are some funny and deadly terms which women use in front of men.

So lets have a look at the funny scariest terms used by women when they are angry or about to get angry, try to apprehend them and stay alarmed! Good luck!


funny terms used by women

When a woman says that “we need to talk” then she precisely means that she will talk and you will shut up and listen to her very very attentively and mentally prepare yourself for all the misdoings you haven’t committed.


Deadly terms used by women

When a woman says hmm, immediately do something about it. And if you don’t do anything on this for quiet a white then if you will try to keep her on wait then trust me she can turn into a canon.


Alarming terms used by women

Sighs! Doctors are still looking for a solution and cure for this word.


Funny terms used by women

Trust me, it is not okay, it is never okay, it can never be Okay. Ladies also love to use this phrase which spreads terror amongst men because it’s okay doesn’t mean that its really okay. Whereas it means that in her mind the planning to make you pay is in process. As soon as she will conclude it she will surprise you very soon. So stay alert!


Hilarious terms used by women

Women from the every nook and corner of the world use this phrase in which there is a threat lies that can be felt in the bones of men. When she is hundred percent sure that she is right and you are absolutely wrong from tip to toe then she doesn’t want to see your ugly face and ends up the argument by saying FINE. 


Scary terms used by women

This is the biggest trap that she sets up for you by saying “its up to you”. Never get caught into the illusion of having your own will. She really doesn’t mean it. Rather take it as a threat to not to dare to consider yourself eligible to take any decision you goof.


Deadly terms used by women

No one can measure the rage and fury hidden behind this word “NOTHING”. When a woman says nothing in reply of “is there something wrong?” then inside her mind there is a pressure cooker that can be blast at any moment.

So be very careful while confronting this ‘nothing’ silent war.


Funny terms used by women

Well it means if you dare to do whatever you want to do then you will be dead. That’s final no second thought should come into your mind. She is actually warns you to be in your limits and don’t dare to cross the limits.


Deadly terms used by women

Never say “YES”, I repeat never say “YES”. For instance you and her going to a party, she has kept a tie for you and you happened to wear another one and she asks “Are you sure ?”. Now that’s so dangerous can you smell it? If you will say YES then it could be the last yes of your life. So the safe answer will be act blindly as you picked up the wrong one purely by mistake.


Funny terms used by women

When a woman says that we’ll discuss it later then it means she is saving this point for a bigger fight and you never know when she would use this point as a weapon.


alarming terms used by women tickletick 3 min - 14 alarming and deadly terms women use which men shouldn't ignore

It could be the end of your life when a woman wants to get attended through a conversation and if she gets the slightest clue that you are not paying attention then it could very badly fan the flames. So never drag her to the point where she has to utter these alarming and threatening phrases.


Funny terms used by women

This word is also widely spoken by ladies when she in her imagination punches you hundred times and releases the bullet in air “whatever!”.

Let me create a scene for you to imagine:

He: honey I don’t know how I forgot the stuff to bring that you asked me to get, I am sorry actually i..


Now you know what I meant by saying that you should give attention and do something immediately whenever you face these deadly terms used by your women.


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